Friday, May 01, 2009

Her Fishing Spot

"Her Fishing Spot"___16 x 20 oil on canvas___Available this month for a special reserve price at the Gadsden Museum of Art__$900
Yesterday at Southeastern Plein Air, we spent the day on the loely Coosa River. I found Michelle there and she stayed long enough for me to do this larger canvas. The price on this is incredible, so give it a image to enlarge.
This has been the best run plein air event I have ever been to. What a team they have here, all working together to make it so special for the artists...none of us want to leave! We have been spoiled by great food, orderly schedules, super accommodations, beautiful locations...and you KNOW it's been done right when you hear the comments of the public looking at the art tonight: all making suggestions for next year's locations, and moving through the museum to find all the pieces by their favorite artists....If you are an artist, look into this ebvent for next year!...if you love great art, I hope you can get to Gadsden this month for some BEAUTIFUL WORKS by the best artists in this side of the USA...

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