Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Five Nineteen and Football 1967

"Last Year on the Farm 05-19-2007"
On this day two years ago, we had a good hay year at the farm. I painted this just after the first bale was made :)
I am on the road now, headed for Arizona and the Phippen Museum Western Art Show.
I had a couple of my new paintings in the camera which I wanted to post, but I erased them at the football game tonight...yes, FOOTBALL! It's the end of Spring training and my son played QB in the Spring Game tonight.
Speaking of football, I mentioned in yesterday's post that I found some drawings from my early "career"...this one (below) I did when I was EIGHT years old and I remember copying it from my favorite book at the time...yes, even THEN I was a huge football fan.!!
I found out today that my workshop in Fredericksburg is nearly full, but there is still time and space for about 3 more! June 5 - 7 will be a new crescent moon (which we will paint Saturday, as I give instruction on "Painting Fast..."...and not just for the sake of painting fast, but the purpose is to be a PRODUCTIVE PAINTER...I will also give lots of info on "...what to do with all those studies" that you will be painting. I have had a long and varied career in art, and have too many good ideas to get them all done, so I am inthe process of giving all the great ideas away!! ha!
Also, Friday, June 5, after painting, we will go to town to enjoy Fredericksburg's FIRST FRIDAY art walk, see a few galleries and shops and I might be doing a quick demo at Whistle Pik, the finest gallery in Texas! e-mail if you are interested in atttending vvaughan8@yahoo.com
Football Drawing by V....Pedro at age 8 !

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