Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"Last Year on the Farm, May 20, 2007"___Two years ago, TODAY!
I am on the way top Prescott, AZ, and prepared this log to post on May 20. I wonder if it will work the way I set it up...we shall see....Below is another one from my first portfolio. I was about 9 when I drew this...This was a pony that belonged to a friend, and I used to love to ride it. It was the ONLY pony I ever liked. Ponies are mean, but not Smokey :)
Please note...there is NOTHING special about this cannot tell that this little artist would grow up to be a professional artist...the only thing I have that other artists might not have at this point is "brush mileage" ...those are the words of a mentor of mine, Ray Vinella. It is my opinion, and experience that BRUSH MILEAGE will make EVERY artist a better artist. I will show and tell about this in my workshop at the Fredericksburg Artist's School, June 5 - 7...Let me know if youy can come!

"Smokey"...a drawing by 9 year old V....Pedro

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julie davis said...

This is a beautiful painting, Virginia. I like the horse, too! I was just thinking about you (as I often do when I look at my two V....Vaughan paintings), because I was writing on my blog today about how I could paint some places day after day, because they offer so many vistas. So I mentioned you on my blog (Last Year on the Farm came to mind), and, wondering if you had a blog, found this! Yay! Can't wait to get all your updates.