Monday, May 11, 2009

Angus Ranch_11 x 14

"Angus Ranch"__11 x 14____available
I went to Calvert, TX on Friday afternoon so that I could be there early for a pottery lesson Saturday morning. My friend Barbara and I found this neat place and waited for the FULL moon to rise. I painted this one quickly while waiting for the moon. Tomorrow, I will tell you a secret about knowing where it will rise!
I am preparing for NEXT month's new moon in Fredericksburg, TX, where I will teach a workshop called "Painting Fast Every Day...and What to do With All Those Field Studies" . The title says it all. I will be sharing all I know about capturing impressions quickly, doing it often, doing it well, and IMPROVING your painting skill by improving your knowledge and EYE for color, form, and MORE! And once you begin to be a "busy" painter, you will need to know what to do with all the studies you make. I have a lot to say to the working artist and "hobbyist" alike, and will share it all on June 5 - 7. Join us if you can! Email me if you want more info. Our Saturday lesson will be about painting in quickly changing light...what better way than to capture the sunset and moonset...I will show how to paint TWO at a time.


Pam Holnback said...

Great composition. Love the contrast between the warm lights on the barn and the coolness of the grass.

julie davis said...

This is gorgeous, too. So amazing that I painted one so similar today from a HWY 290 photo I took--like yours better, but white barn, green tractor, cows, water in a green clearly Texas!