Sunday, May 03, 2009

Down from the Waterfall

"Down From the Waterfall"___10 x 3 oil on linen panel___$150 click image to enlarge
ou'd have to buy this one from the Museum if you want it, but let me know if you do! ...A few days ago I posted my second (big) painting from the day we painted at the 100 foot high "Noccaloola Falls" ( though I probably called it NECK-aloola, or NUCK-aloosa)'s taken me a while to get the name right ...but I LOVED this long view of the water running away from the falls...the cabin I stayed in was down at the end of this water...and the place my hat blew over the edge was right here...

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Anonymous said...

Virginia, you painted my favorite spot at the Falls. I think the gorge is the loveliest of all. I can stand by the railing for hours. How can anyone not believe there is a God when he has made such beautiful places for you to meditate?
prayer and five minutes found your hat and Kevin's expensive radio.

Hope you had a good time in our fair city and that you will visit us again soon.