Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mill Creek Morning_5x7

"Mill Creek Morning"_5x7 oil on linen__$100
Here is my warm-up painting at the vineyard, last week. I forgot to mention that these are local, native muscadine grapes grown here, and that they make wine from them. We had a little wine tasting for breakfast, and it was nice...very different from the "usual" wines...what I noticed first was the smell of the winery. It smelled sweet like grapes...rather, like the "grape flavoring" of Kool-Aid, or Pixie Stix or Skittles...that GRAPE that comes in purple, but doesn't taste like the grapes at the store...Muscdine grapes are really sweet and the wine really smells "grapey"... I bought a bottle of juice (really) and drank it up in two days....yum!
There is a winery very near the fredericksburg Artists School, and I just might take my workshop class there to paint...will scope out locations soon and let y'all know. One thing's for sure, we will paint the full moonrise in Fredericksburg, It will rise at 8:03 pm on Saturday, June 6...since the sun sets at 8:35, the sky will be light when it comes up and get darker slowly as the moon rises...PERFECT for painting...JOIN ME if you can!


Alanda said...

Nice; the wine sounds good as well. =)

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Wish I were closer. This painting is beautiful.