Sunday, May 31, 2009

My WHOLE AZ Sketchbook_pg 1

"Gus and Cisco_The King Horses"__page 1 of my AZ sketchbook
If you missed getting my blog last week, it was because I had trouble finding hot spots to connect my lap top in Prescott, so I hope you enjoyed the break from all my ramblings!!...NOW I have some catching up to is a sketch from my first day out, in New Mexico. These are my friends' horses, eating breakfast! The sketch below is from my portfolio when I was 10 years old. I usually copied from my Walter Foster Horse book, but since the composition LOOKS juvenile, I think I made this one up...
I kept a sketchbook in AZ last week and now that I am home, I will put watercolor washes on the sketches and post them. I might auction the whole sketchbook as a unit...let me know if you think that's a good idea! I'll post the color versions starting tomorrow. I shoot my pics in daylight and couldn't shoot tonight...OH, SPRAKING of shooting our art, I came home to a pdf book sent to me by a friend, Jason Smith,who wrote it. "Exposeing Yourself" (Click's safe, I promise :) all you need to know about shooting your art for the web or for publication. Jason has done this for years for Greenhouse Gallery. Well, on page 25, Jason tells a story of a certain artist who has a secret way of shooting art...he doesn't mention me by name, but THERE I AM, contributing to a photography book! hahaha...he was pretty ammused by my technical prowess and how I shoot my art! ...I will share my special technique at the workshop this weekend, June 5 - 7 in Fredericksburg, TX e-mail for info!

"Horse Silhouettes"__by V....(Pedro) Vaughan, age 10...note the fancy signature!

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The Frame and I said...

Great horse sketches - wow! love the ones you did when you were 10 - how fun to see those drawings =) Congrats for being in the book!