Thursday, April 30, 2009


Knock Outs___18 x 18 oil on linen panel___reserve price $1500
I painted this yesterday in Gadsden, Alabama. All the artists painted in the historic district, and some really nice works were created...These are called "Knock Out Roses", painted on the canvas that I wiped off the day before when my hat fell on it. This day was less tripod broke but one of the artists had a big roll of duct tape...TGFDT (Thank God for Duct Tape!)

If you want to paint with me in beautiful Fredericksburg, TX on June 5-7 contact me pretty soon. I will give you info and connect you to the Fredericksburg Artists School. The class is filling up but there are still 5 or 6 spots left...I leave the group small, but there is usually a spot or two even at the end...I am excited about this one I call: "Painting Fast Every Day, and What to Do With All Those Studies"....Here is a brainstorm list of words that apply to this workshop: Painting (verb),sunrise, plein air, science of color, gallery, demos, FAST, sunsets, discussion, BLOG, spectrum, moving targets, brushwork, punctuation marks, painting (noun), relative mixing, eye tomorrow...EMAIL ME for info

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