Monday, April 13, 2009

Between the Day_state two

"Between the Day_state 2"____20x60 oil on linen_____available

I posted this yesterday and decided to change the composition a littke bit. The line of the purple cloud was too "level" for my liking, so I turned it at an angle. A composition looks better if all the "main lines" aren't level or going the same direction...VARIETY is the key, but even the variety needs to be well managed :)...another note...this was VERY DIFFICULT to photograph, for the following reasons: 1. the dimension. It's so long that it became distorted with certain settings. 2. the contrast. My meter was reading either on the darks or on the lights, and adjusting the contrast in photoshop just made the colors too dull....I still HATE how this one's much better in person.


SoulMate said...

Great Paintings

they having really Soul

welcome to my Blog I am Photographer and Illustrator
I just started so hope you like it:)

best wishes


Robin Roberts said...

V - I can't wait to meet you at the Gadsden Southeastern Plein Air Event. I was not able to see your exhibit here last year, but I have marveled at the series you painted. The atmosphere just oozes around us in your paintings.

Alanda said...

I think it is beautiful! =)