Thursday, April 02, 2009

Granite Mountain

Granite Mountain____3 x 6 or so_____Marla's
My friend, Marla jsut built an amazing studio. She has windows looking out on the ranchland and Granite Mountain. At sunset the shadows creep in from the right until the mountain itself is ablaze...this was my attempt, after a long day:earlymorning flight, gallery visits and a treck from Phoenix to Sedona and back t Prescott....but it was SO PRETTY I HAD to paint!
REMEMBER that....just KEEP PAINTING, even if you are tired, just lasy something down fast, and you might not hate the outcome...I don't hate this one :)
I have a couple of workshops comng up...
April 18 in Rockport Texas. One day
June 5 -7 in Fredericksburg, TX....multiple days with LOTS of painting to do! This one is guaranteed to jump-start your "routine"....
Read some more about my last workshop in February. Nice pics, too, on Cecilia's Blog:

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Ann Rogers said...

Virginia, Loved checking out your daily paintings, as good as I remember! We met last year at Carolyn Anderson's workshop in Fredricksburg, and now I see that you are teaching a class there as well...congratulations! Your students will love your enthusiasm, talent and work ethic.