Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Art Classroom

Mrs. Holder with my Chicken Demos____Belton, TX Middle School
Today I did some demonstrating for 5 classes full of Middle School kids at Belton Middle School. I was invited there by Nancy Holder, a brand new art teacher, who I consider my protoge!...When I quit teaching a few months ago, it was Nancy who was the beneficiary of much of my lesson plans and samples. She is just starting her teaching career and reminds me of ME! She is student teaching in Mrs. Simpson's classes, and these are the kids I visited today...plus a few selected kids from Mrs. Lane's class. Each of the 5 classes patiently and respectfully listened to my life story ("what's it like to be a professional artist"). They were eager listeners and enjoyed my chicken DEMO (not enough time for them to participate, but we had a drawing in each class for 5 lucky winners who got to take home these paintings! WOW! I painted FIVE today!!!!...and had a great "kid fix", too...such beautiful young people...

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Anonymous said...

hi mrs.v.vaughan it was fun that day i like how you paint i was surprise when i saw the paintings in the table of mrs. simpsons class........OMG i dint have words to say they were so beutiful i totally love them its bad that i dint get the chicken there were so beutiful but it s ok............i wish that you can come again so you can tell us more about your professional artist ...so pretty