Wednesday, April 01, 2009

River in the Box_ Study_3x6

"River in the Box_a study___3x6 oil on linen panel____$100 includes shipping
I sat on a rock at the river's edge. This was my second painting, so I grabbed a little panel to just take down some "color notes". This is the Hassayampa River in Arizona, near Wickenburg, where the Cowgirl Up! western Art Show is going on until May 3rd at the Desert Caballeros Museum. Before the day's activities, Monica, my host, took me to the "Box Canyon" along this river to paint.
It was a busy place as the locals like to play in this river. They were all driving their trucks IN the river...some pulling skim boarders behind them. My place on the rock kept the trucks on the far bank, and my painting buddies liked that! ...I would rather have had just the sounds of nature, but the motorized activities looked like something my boys would like to do...the kids were having a blast and not messing things up...and I had no trouble leaving them out of the painting!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

that is so sweet and it looks huge!