Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bluebonnet Study

"Bluebonnet Study"____7 x 5___$100 when it dries!
There are more bluebonnets to paint, but this was a little single study I enjoyed...remembering how I used to dissect them when I was little! The white spots on the petals turn dark pink after the bee has taken the polen out. I think it's so that other bees will not waste their time on a petal that is "empty"...this painting has some juicy paint on it...still wet!
I had a TERRIFIC birthday! Each year I say that THIS was my best birthday EVER! But today REALLY was. I had lunch with a new friend and we enjoyed reminiscing about a mutual OLD friend! (THANK YOU FOR LUNCH, Stephanie!)....and then my family took me out to eat and there was a big surprise at the sister and her husband and my niece and her husband and some friends of my kids were all there to join in the fun! What a blast we had!
My children presented me with some GREAT PHOTOS of the three of them together AT THE FARM! They actually went back with a photographer friend and played around on our old was their last time there together and caused a stir with the new property owners....grumpy dudes!...but what a WONDERFUL memory for me!!

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