Friday, April 03, 2009

ONe Minute Kudu

" One Minute Kudu"___from my sketchbook___to make a point
"Painting Fast..." is the first part of the title of my next workshop. June 5 - 7 in beautiful Fredericksburg Texas at the Fredericksburg Artists School. I have some great sessions planned over three days, all geared to help artists paint fast and efficiently..we will start with drawing, and do PRACTICAL THINGS. ANY artist at any level will get a lot out of my "secrets", which I cultivated over a LIFETIME of drawing (Seriously! I will bring drawings that I did when I was SIX! )...This Kudu is not a great drawing, but for one minute the important impression was recorded (accurately)….
There ARE secrets to working fast...."....and what to do with all those Studies!" is the second part of the workshop...more on all that tomorrow!

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Art with Liz said...

A beautiful animal and so well done V. Love their antlers especially the older males.