Monday, April 20, 2009

La Posada

La Posada__for Tom from Debbie_____a pencil drawing on watercolor paper __click image
Well, I am home late from a ball game, and leaving EARLY to go visit and demonstrate for a middle school in Belton, TX. I will be brief! This is a drawing for some friends. I also am worink on a special painting for them (will post it soon)....I have a lot of great news coming up on the blog, and the thing YOU might like best is I will be giving details about my main workshop coming up in June in Fredericksburg. This will be a FULL BLOWN workshop over three days, and will include MANY aspects of becoming a better painter/artist. The official "title" of the workshop is "Painting Fast, and what to do with all those Studies"...A lot of people ask me about "how-do-you-do-all-that-you-do?"...My answer is simple, but encouraging to ANYONE who wants to put a little bit of creativity and art into their life....stay tuned!!!