Saturday, April 18, 2009

State 1_ Bottom Land_20 x 60

"State 1_Bottom Land_20 x 60"______compare to yesterday's study

It's a good idea to take a digital image of your big paintings, before you get too far into it. This way you can look at it "far away", evaluate composition, and color and ESPECIALLY values, and make changes before you invest too much's not too late to wipe it off and start over...I painted a small study, first, (see yesterday's post) then did this BIG canvas today. I will now sit on it for a day, keep my eyes off of it...then try to finish it Monday...That's another thing....DO NOT be in a hurry to finish a big one....get it to a point where you can stop and come back later....wiith fresh eyes


Suzanne said...

Beautiful! I love the deeper colors and texture in the far background and trees on this bigger painting. I think some bluebonnets in the foreground from the small study would be a good addition if you're still adding to it, though!

Patrice said...

I agree with what you say about digital imagery. I've found it to be a terrific shortcut to finding "problems" in a painting.

Beautiful work - and I heartily enjoyed the Dane story, having co-existed with three over the years, and hoping to have another one day.