Friday, April 17, 2009

The Thunder Lean

"The Thunder Lean"___from my sketchbook____click to see BIG
It was stormy this morning and Romeo, the "Good" Dane does not like thunder. He is always underfoot, anyway, so I didn't notice at first, but the worse the storm ogot, the closer he stood, till I finally had his tail in my lap. He was lean-sitting on me, the way Danes like to do. ..
I used Carbonite this week. Spent about 4-5 days backing up all my files offsite. It seems to have done it's job, but now I notice some glitches, and of course I am blaming everything on Carbonite. First, the PC will not connect to the internet. The browser doesn't work, but I can e-mail....hmmm, now, tonight, the scanner says the USB is not commected....well, it IS...I am's supposed to thunder, again...Here, Romeo!

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Alanda said...

This is so cute! The dogs stance and expression looks like he got busted. =)