Thursday, June 04, 2009

Art School Sunset__4.5 x 11

"Art School Sunset"__4.5 x 11____$150 if you ask first
if I don't stay up too late, I will try to remember to paint this same view in the morning, and compare the light/color. THis is the view out the back door at the Fredericksburg Artists School...not too shabby! The photo is a little blurry because I waited too long to shoot it...sorry. If you want to see a clear picture, PLEASE ASK. I have a full class for the next three days and we plan lots of outings around these parts: Wineries, Lavender Farms, Pioneer outposts, cows/horses, Luckenbach, TX (...anyone remember that song?), and lots of early and late light...including a FULL MOON on Saturday. PLEASE stay tuned!
And if you are in Fredericksburg Friday night, I will paint a BIG demo of one of my famous poppies...Join me for some wine (you can have my share, since I don't drink and paint :) at Whistle Pik Gallery from 6 -8 pm....When was the last time you saw an original oil painting being created? I even brought a frame to snazz it up when I am done !


Kathleen said...

Lovely painting of a gorgeous view! Sounds like a lot of fun there =)

Kerri Settle said...

I like everything about this one; the panoramic format, the composition, the colors...all wonderful.