Saturday, June 20, 2009

LONGHORN! ...almost___4x6__V....Vaughan

"LONGHORN!....almost!"____ 4 x 6 oil on llinen___$100
There is a longhorn ranch near my house and I have been if you ask first!over to draw and paint, standing outside the fence. Been too busy to shoot pictures to post, bust stay tuned for these paintings in the next few days, unless I get distracted! THis little milk cow painting was a sketch from our workshop day at the pioneer farm last weekend in Fredericksburg.
Wednesday and Thursday I drove my son, Sam and his friend, Sam (really) up to Omaha to see the College World Series. Friday we drove from Omaha to Houston for a baseball tournament...Since we see the Texas Longhorns play in Austin all the time, we went to Omaha for Arizona State vs. North Carolina...two of my favorite places' schools fighting it out. There was a lot of excitement, including a game tying GRAND SLAM, and ASU came out on top....till they played the Longhorns last night! Now my longhorns will play LSU in the finals!

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Art with Liz said...

I presume you are talking about baseball here (a game which I understand) and not your gridiron football (a game which I certainly don't understand)! Love the cow (that I do understand).