Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rearing Horse and Rider_My AZ Sketchbook p 2

AZ Sketchbook Pg 2__"Bucky O'Neill"____pencil on watercolor paper__auction soon
Back to my AZ sketchbook, and the things I WOULD have posted from the road if I could have! Prescott, AZ was a WILD WEST town, and still is in many ways, with street names like Whiskey Row, and Rowdy music coming from the bars as soon as the sun goes down.... the courthouse square there has this great statue which I sketched one day from a couple of angles, thinking I might do a quick draw of "Bucky", but I changed my mind...the crowds were huge, so I fell back on something I was more familiar with...landscape :)
Now, the drawing below is from my childhood portfolio...look how SIMILAR the pose!!!aybe the boy rider is young Bucky?
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"Boy Rider" by V....(Pedro) Vaughan, age 10

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