Monday, June 29, 2009

Salsa Demo_start_14 x 11__V....Vaughan

"Salsa Demo_start"___14 x 11 oil on canvas___unfinished
Click the image on the blog to really study this one, a demo for the Western Art Academy students today. I spent about 45 minutes so far, not counting my "yak" time...Lots of teaching points made, here:
1. when you have a very grainy and poorly primed canvas (like this one), it is best to tone it.
2. mixing color on a white palette can cause you to mix higher (lighter) values than you mean to. Pay attention to this, especially later on in your painting, when you have nearly covered the white's better to mix darker values of color than lighter ones....easier to adjust.
My palette here is white, but at home I work on a neutral medium gray palette.
3. STUDENT "AHA" MOMENT of the day: "Hey! I can paint and talk at the same time!!"
---it's really nearly impossible to DESIGN or COMPOSE and talk conversationally....anyone know why???


bj said...

One is 'left brain' activity...the other is 'right brain'. Put them together and there's usually confusion.

Karen Wilkerson said...

I wish I could see the finished paintings from your class. It sounds like you covered a lot of good information. Your work is beautiful. Karen Wilkerson

Jala Pfaff said...

Left brain hemisphere (talking) vs. right (wholistic design). I have the same prob.