Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hill Country Flare__12 x 12 oil__V....Vaughan

"Hill Country Flare"___12 x 12 oil on linen___available

A few days ago I posted "Gerry's Sunrise", which I painted right before this one. It was my "warm-up" painting to adjust my eyes to the early morning light at my workshop in Fredericksburg. One thing I demonstrated by the early painting and then this one, is being ready to change course while you are painting fast. Changing course in this case meant grabbing a new canvas as the light "flared". Rather than changing the one I was working on. the new canvas let me change with the light. This bright orange spark of sky lasted only a few minutes. Since I already had color mixed for the other painting, I could use it to paint this quickly, starting with the LIGHT...it's easier for me to SHOW than to "tell"...join me at a workshop one of these days. This location in Fredericksburg is unbelieveably beautiful, and I will teach there Feb. 5 - 7 in 2010....PLEASE join me!


Susan Abston Wiley said...

Love the subtlety of the trees and landscape against the fire of the glorious sky! Can't believe you were up at 5:30 to capture this, Virginia!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Virginia, beautiful, serene landscape. Where will you be teaching from in February! I'd love to take a plein air class out there someday.