Friday, June 12, 2009

Cow Sketch__4 x 9__V....Vaughan

"Cow Sketch"_4 x 9 or so...oil on linen panel__$90 includes shipping image to see detail.
These Jersey cows live at the living History farm at the LBJ National Park in Stonewall, TX...near Fredericksburg, where I taught last week. The folks actually milk the cows every day and make butter and demonstrate other farm operations all the time...ahhhh, it felt good to be on a farm again!
We went there and sketched for a few hours during my workshop. I asked everyone to sketch the animals, and I, too, did a handful of sketches. I think it's a good idea to sketch with a brush instead of a pencil all the time...gets me used to making shapes rather than lines to describe the forms.

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