Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moonset Out West_4 x 7.5 oil__V....Vaughan

"Moonset Out West"___4 x 7.5 oil on linen panel___ $100 to the first to ask
I prepared my paperwork and files for my 2008 taxes this weekend. You mean April 15 has passed???? oops....Looking over all the receipts for the trips I have taken recently, I got excited about the places out west, so I painted this one from memory. I saw a similar scene one morning as I left the hotel in New Mexico.
If you are the first to want it, it will take me a couple weeks to ship this one. First, it is very juicy and needs to dry. (no real problem with 100+ temps in Texas these days)...but mainly because I leave tomorrow for Kerrville and the Western Art Academy, where I will have a FULL group of 24 high school superstar artists. I have 20 days to impart some oil painting knowledge on them and help them with the all important "oil change" or two. At the end of it all they are awarded with a group exhibit at the beautiful Western Art Museum (where the famed Cowboy Artists of America laid the groundwork). PLEASE stay tuned to my blog for lots of demos and lessons! I am in full "teaching mode" and I like to share! If you can come to Kerrville for the show, it's Saturday, July 28 at 1 pm, I think...

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Art with Liz said...

Can't come to Kerrville, but looking forward to your teaching tips! Enjoy.