Saturday, June 06, 2009

Gerry's Sunrise

"Gerry's Sunrise"___6 x 8 oil on linen panel___sold
We started today at 5:30 am...meeting at the Fredericksburg Artists School. We all caravanned out to Bill and Nancy Bush's house, high on a hill near Fredericksburg, TX. This was the early light, and my first painting of Venus, I think! Many of the artists painted their own version, and a few watched this soon as the color "flared" (briefly!!!) I switched to a new canvas and captured the brilliance!!! I'll show that one tomorrow!....What a great day we had...I hate to say that I wore out a couple of the was really hot, and it got windy at the end, but we worked till the moon was way up...a 14 hour day...SORRY Y'ALL!!! I know I may not get any repeat customers from this workshop...if they survive tomorrow :) I LOVE IT OUT HERE!!!!hahaha...we will paint at the winery nearby! Stay tuned!!!

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Connie said...

Absolutely beautiful!