Monday, June 08, 2009

Whistle Pik Poppy Demo

"Whistle Pik Poppy Demo"___16 x 20 oil on linen panel___available at Whistle Pik Galleries
**please let me send you a better image if you are interested! This photo is pretty bad!
Friday night was First Friday Art Walk in Fredericksburg, TX. The galleries all stay open late and there is wine and cheese EVERYWHERE! I am represented at Whistle Pik, now, so it was a great time to do a demo. This one was finished in about an hour, with lots of friends looking on, enjoying the fun. At 16 x 20, it is a bigger one than my usual demo...see all the steps below, compliments of Pamela Taylor who owns the gallery with her husband, Tim... I had fun with the captions :)

What if I run out of red????

The paintings on the far right are all mine, along with the one leaning against the wall...the ones right in front of me are Michael Malm's from Utah...I couldn't take my eyes off of them,and wondered if anyone would notice if I copied one!!!!
She said "That's a beautiful little girl you painted!"... I replied "Those are Michael Malm's paintings, ma'am...can I interest you in a poppy painting?"

All finished, except for...
....four dots


Robin Cheers said...

Question: Did you do this painting from your memory? I know you do them regularly.

V....Vaughan said...

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that...I did this from memory, and experience...I have painted MSNY poppies in my In-Law's Poppy garden in Colorado. I like to make them up as I go...keeps me from getting nervous, believe it or not :)...How'd you know, Robin?

V....Vaughan said... again...I mis-spelled MANY...It should read "MUCHO"

Nancy and the fatties said...

Beautiful work Virginia - your red poppy just sings! Saw you on our new Texas Painter's Blog Laurie created.

Anonymous said...

Hey V!

Glad to see you got this up fast! I was there to watch just the finishing touches and it is gorgeous. You're right. Photo doesn't do it justice. It's really yummy. Thanks for the fabulous workshop! See you in February!