Friday, July 16, 2010

Colorado Sketchbook--page 2

Colorado Sketchbook--page 2_____Amish Lot_____Antonito, CO
We went to town for groceries, yesterday and on the way back through the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado, we stopped at the market there for "one more thing" was late in the day and this was one of only 3 vehicles in the parking lot....
oh....if you saw my painting the other day of the "mystery crop" in Louisiana, I did not mention it, but the photo was BAD. So I replaced the art photo. Please go take a look at how much better the painting looks, and scroll down to the real photo of the crop and PLEASE tell me what it is!. I have people who have guessed okra, tobacco and soybeans, and I do not think it's either...any experts in the house?

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bj said...

Maybe it's tobacco???