Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Colorado Sketchbook__p1

Blanca Peak___from my sketchbook______ask
From the bayou to the mountains! Our usual family vacation is in Colorado at about this time every year. Here is a sketch from my sketchbook of my favorite "fourteener" in southern Colorado. Blanca Peak can be seen for miles, ANYWHERE you happen to be in the San Luis Valley.
Not all of us are here, but the kids with their work and summer obligations will come and go at different times! This was our year to open the cabin, and we found that the garage/shop area was home to some packrats this winter, so we have been cleaning up a lot. It's been funny because these creatures carried things all over the place! What does a pack-rat need with 80 small pieces of pvc, 13 packages of hinges, and old paperback novels? They carried these things from their usual places into the far reaches. But they must have eaten well, by the looks of their droppings!

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Cecelia said...

Rats in my school loved the Elmer's Glue! They ate through plastic boxes, the plastic bottles, and the glue and even carried it across the room to the cabinets! I had to keep my EG in a metal cabinet! Such a mess! Then they pottied on my computers, chairs, etc. Creepy! Had to start covering everything! I thought they might have some stopped up insides after eating glue!