Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's Do Breakfast__chipmunk, ground squirrel, sketch

Let's Do Lunch__sketch #9 from my Colorado sketchbook__auction soon (click image to enlarge)
We used to feed the many ground squirrels near our place in Colorado. Then they got pesky and demanding and would actually jump on us to get food...this was about the same time we all started bringing our dogs up there with us, so the ground squirrels got the message and stay farther away, now. This one was in the yard, though, enjoying last night's home-made tortillas, which came out AWFUL...the masa had gotten bad over the winter, and nobody liked them...except the ground squirrels!
Here is an update for all my friends in NEBRASKA! Right now there is a special exhibit in Lincoln, at the Great Plains Art Museum. This is a special exhibit called Curator's Choice. Each of the curators from the past 30 years has selected their favorite works for this exhibit, and my painting called "Passing" was selected. Next week is a special reception at the museum, and I will get to go! PLEASE COME MEET ME! The reception is Friday, August 6, 5-7 pm. ...otherwise, keep a lookout for me along the backroads! I will be doing some "drive-by painting" on the backroads for a few days! Let me know if you are coming vvaughan8@yahoo.com

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