Monday, July 26, 2010

Sketch 8___ Hummmm

Hummmm___sketch #8 from my Colorado soon
At our place in Colorado, the whole canyon is filled with hummingbirds! And everyone feeds them. This year, I put out three feeders and kept them full. Up till a few days ago there was a constant gang of 30+ birds, buzzing and flying between the feeders, eating all day so that I had to fill each feeder about two to three times a day!...but, suddenly, they all disappeared! Oh, a straggler or two would come by, but they just ignored the feeders! I wondered if they left for the "winter", but saw a bunch at the neighbor's....I must have mixed a bad batch of "juice" for the hummers, and they sure let me know it!....

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Marilyn said...

Beautiful drawing Virginia. Hummingbirds are my delicate and yet surprisingly very territorial.