Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sketch 11__Walking Companion__deer sketch

Walking Companion__sketch #11 from my Colorado Sketchbook__auction soon!
In Colorado at 9,000 feet in the mountains the air is cool and thin...PERFECT for taking long hikes, which I do every morning...usually a few miles with our Lab, Maria. One morning we stopped to watch this little doe walking across a meadow below us...then she saw us and walked up the hill to see what we were doing! We watched each other for 15 minutes from about 40 yards away, then each of us continued on in our original directions. It reminded me of what I have just read in a book by Stephen Ambrose about the Lewis and Clark Voyage of Discovery....they came upon places where the elk had never been hunted and the elk were curious and came close to see them...
We are home now. It is HOT in Texas....I made the serious mistake of taking Maria for a walk at mid-day and I think she almost had a heat stroke...I had to put her in a cold shower...morning walks from now on.

To all my friends in NEBRASKA! Right now there is a special exhibit in Lincoln, at the Great Plains Art Museum. This is a special exhibit called Curator's Choice. Each of the curators from the past 30 years has selected their favorite works for this exhibit, and my painting called "Passing" was selected. Next week is a special reception at the museum, and I will get to go! PLEASE COME MEET ME! The reception is Friday, August 6, 5-7 pm. ...otherwise, keep a lookout for me along the backroads! I will be doing some "drive-by painting" on the backroads for a few days! Let me know if you are coming

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