Monday, July 05, 2010

Gulf Coast Muse

Brownie____6x8____$190 unframed if you ask first * 50% goes to Louisiana's local oil clean-up effort
THANK YOU to those who "missed me" the past few days. My friends really sensed a "stall" in the action, and they were right! ...Too much happened to go into detail, but deep "life stuff" has kept me from posting. People VERY dear to me are suffering terribly tonight, so for the past few days, and I have only taken care of the essentials. In this case it means fulfilling an obligation to show my work at the Rockport, TX Art Festival. My blog-time has mostly been spent writing and listening to the hearts of loved ones...and a lot of praying for them.
My sweet nieces lost their mom last week, (my sister-in-law Linda was like a 5th sister to me growing up!)...And my best friend's sister was almost killed on her bike, training for the Iron Man...hit by a drunk driver. These things can bring all "activity" to a halt...and the heart hurts for loved ones...I am so happy for phones and texts to keep us close to families, without overwhelming those closest to the problem. They know we are there, and that they can call if they need to, but sometimes they just want to say a couple words without long conversation...
So I headed off to The South Texas Gulf Friday, after a funeral, and during HEAVY RAIN bands of Alex the hurricane...By the time I got there, the weather was PERFECT. I had dinner with my art buddy, Barbara, who could not get over the fact that I had NO PAINTS or even a CAMERA with me! She has never seen me without a camera around my neck and a paintbrush in hand. I sensed disappointment each time she said "I can't believe you won't be doing any art for a couple days!" I really think she felt sorry for me! ...It was good for BOTH of us!
The show was a GOOD success, I sold 9 or 10 paintings (mostly small ones), and won an award for "BEST IN MEDIA: Paintings", for my body of work.
Sorry to ramble, here, but the last thing on my mind is the oil spill. Rockport is where the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is, and it is HERE where they have been releasing cleaned up birds from the oil spill. It's exciting and a hopeful feeling for folks involved. The Texas Coast is clean and the wildlife has no idea about what is going on not too far away....On Wednesday I am going to Louisiana to see the other side of the Gulf. I need to paint, and this is where I want to go....If you want any of these Gulf Coast works, I will be donating 50% to Louisiana's local clean-up effort. Details provided at the sale
Shore Play___11x14 oil on linen___$400

Cove Daybreak___6x8 ___$190

COve Greens___6x8 ____$190

Bait Bucket____9x12 ____$300


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful paintings and so generous of you to donate to the clean up fund.

Prayers for you and your family and friends.

Ann Reyes said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the sadness around you. My prayers are with you all.

I love your wonderful, sensitive paintings!

Art with Liz said...

All that sadness V - hope everything looks up really soon. I didn't realise you were so close to the Gulf problem - well done on the donations. I hope you sell each and every one!