Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sketch #4__Play Day

Play Day at Rainbow Trout Ranch___from my Colorado sketchbook...sketch #4
Click to see some detail on this one! To get to our place you have to drive past the Rainbow Trout Ranch. ALWAYS a great place to sketch and photograph, I stop there a lot. This day there were a bunch of new riders trying their hand at barrel racing and poles. My friend Pat wondered who the "dudes" were and who were the greenhorns...I pointed out that the greenhorns bob around in the saddle more, and tend to ride with elbows flapping....my demonstration of it was better than the written description ;)
I am halfway through my 30 page Colorado sketchbook. Pretty soon I will post them two at a time, because I am getting too many....I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: Sketching is something every artist NEEDS to do. We have gotten away from it as cameras are SO easy and convenient these days. Shooting a picture is fine, but will not help the artist improve. (since I hear from a lot of artists, I want to encourage y'all to keep doodling and sketching OFTEN!)...
We are enjoying cool rains every afternoon...a nice break from the Texas heat at home....

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