Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sugarcane Sky

SugarCane Sky___6x8 oil study on canvas panel___$150 (click image to see detail)
The painting below is the first "version" of my first sugar cane painting! Driving back to the hotel from seeing my son off to football camp there were sugar cane farms on both sides of the road. The fields to the south had great backlit thunderhead skies...probably floating over watery marshlands of this south Louisiana landscape....but the sun got low in the west, and the clouds started to spread out, it all changed, and I FELT LIKE changing the painting... Actually I ONLY changed the sky...if you see a difference in the sugar cane field landscape, it's caused by the camera or exposure...The painting below, only exists in this photo, now...
I am fascinated by this landscape: Cane farms, rice that cotton, too??? ...and LOTS of old mossy oaks and HUGE pecan trees....and egrets!
Tomorrow I will explore the area with my camera and paintbox, and head up to Baton Rouge for a visit with the friend I have known the longest! We were 4-year-old trouble-makers, Rhonda and I...long long ago!...
I have enjoyed listening to local radio and TV...hearing what THESE folks say and think about the BP oil disaster...the lives and jobs lost...and their futures!...both this trip and my trip to ARIZONA a few weeks ago have taught me the VALUE of local leadership, and local news...closer to the source!!!

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Kristin said...

I like the texture in this painting. I also like the feeling of lightness in the sky that you achieved when you reworked the painting.