Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fall Color

10-31-2006 Another Farm Morning Not for sale...yet

I painted this this morning....finished it 10 minutes ago. What a beautiful sunrise from here in central Texas (Manor)....WHere else can you paint outside in SHORTS on October 31. THESE are our "Fall Colors"...Y'all have a great day!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Morning

"10-30-2006" A Good Morning Farm Series - Not For Sale

I like Daylight Savings Time. I can paint BEFORE taking kids to school and enjoy the sunrise! I have noticed, lately, that the farm is green again. After the summer draught we have had a few little rains and suddenly it all looks alive again, though fall is almost upon us, here in Central Texas.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wildlife Show

"Yellow Lab" 12 x 12 available
Here is My son's dog, Maria....the subjuct of all my BLACK lab paintings.
I call this "Yellow" because of the frisbee....
On Nov. 10 - 12 I will be at the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD with this painting and about 35 others. This is a great wildlife show with the best wildlife artists from all over the world. I hope to see you there! For the next few days I will preview some more of my art for this great event.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wildlife Art

"Can We Go Now?" 12 x 12 In Memory of Skeet

I was introduced to Skeet a couple years ago....Skeet's owners, Mike and Lisa Ann took him with them wherever they went. Skeet was with them in Easton, MD at the Waterfowl Festival . Easton in early November is dog heaven! The leaves are so brilliant, they hurt your eyes, and there are Labs and birds EVERYWHERE.
My son, then 12, admired Skeet so much that he set his heart to get a Lab and train it as well as Skeet was trained.....fetching, of course :)
I'll have more stories and paintings of Skeet (and my son's dog, too ) in the upcoming days . And this year's Waterfowl Festival is in 2 weeks! Come see me there!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's Missing?

"Rockport Downtown Early" 8 x 10 unfinished

The group who painted with me on Saturday know why I call this one "unfinished". Maybe I will finish it today or later in the week, and let my blogaudience see if they can see the difference!
Saturday was the perfect painting day in a perfect location. Rockport is NOT your "usual coastal town"....there is much more to it than water and palm trees :) I will teach down there 2 more times this fall: Nov. 18 and Dec. 16. I invite you to Join us!!

Monday, October 23, 2006


"From Caro's Porch" 6 x 8 available

It was a PERFECT day to paint in Rockport, TX on Saturday. Our first painting was downtown, then we painted on the "seawall" in front of the art center. There was no wind (the plein air painter's enemy!) and it was nice and warm.....of course, this is Texas, so before I left town Sunday, a wet cold front came blowing through and I got to use my "gray" paint in this little study above!

The next workshop is November 18....one day in Rockport.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Beach Cottage

"Green Beach Cottage" 24 x 30 a biggie!

I am on my way to teach a mini workshop in Rockport, TX tomorrow. Our session will focus on architecture. We plan to be in the downtown area where there are some neat, funky buildings. I will post the paintings next week (if they are any good!). Hopefully there will be something with real character, like this little house I painted in Maine last summer.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


"Twegrets" 16 x 20 available

Here is your chance to name a painting! I finished this one yesterday and thought "Two Egrets" would be a nice simple title...."Twegrets" is even simpler! But now I am having second thoughts about my waterfowl knowledge....if these aren't egrets, would someone please let me know! They flew by while we were painting in Rockport, TX a few weeks ago. We'll be painting there this weekend! Come join us!

I'll have this painting and a nice little study like it at the Easton Waterfowl Festival next month....come see me!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Finish

"Sun on Top" 12 x 16 Available

See yesterday's post for the first step of this painting....I think I like the "start" better than the finish! I forget the name of the 4th grade teacher and her school in Shreveport, LA, , but this painting is dedicated to them! I hope they will look in and e-mail me if they see it!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Start

"Sun on Top" a start 12 x 16

A Few days ago I was visited by a group of 4th graders in Shreveport, LA, at the Revel. Their teacher brought them by to watch me paint...they only stayed a few minutes, so this is as far as I got. Later that day I finished the painting as hundreds of "Revelers" wandered by! I hope the 4th grade class will look in to see the finished art! I will post it tomorrow along with their teacher's name and the name of their school! I forget these names, so I hope they will e-mail me today, or soon! This painting is available for sale.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Oct. 21 Workshop Day

Rockport Center for the Arts 5 x 7 sold yesterday

I am back from Shreveport....what a great ending to a fun week! The Red River Revel is a blast of great music, great food and great people. I will be back! Tomorrow I wuill post a special painting for a special 4th grade class!
The painting above was done a few weeks ago in Rockport, TX during one of my little workshops. NEXT SATURDAY is the next workshop and you are invited to come paint all day with me and some great painters. We are going to focus on water....painting outdoors at a great location. Contact me for details!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Shotgun" 9 x 12 sold

My family hunts....these are the tools of the trade...faithful dog, faithful Jeep...
(OK, there's a gun in that Jeep, too)
I prefer to paint the scene around camp, but while the gang is off hunting this weekend, I am here in Shreveport at the last day of the Red River Revel. Please come see me!

Friday, October 13, 2006


YESTERAY's Picture of "Davie"

This picture didn't post, yesterday, so please read about it below.
I am still at the art show here in Shreveport...a very busy place!
I won an award and a little cash from the jury...The award for "Artistic Merit" is based on my entire body of work....I am honored....there are some really fine artists here.
The local TV Channel 6 invited me for an early morning interview and painting demo the other day and then the Shreveport Times newspaper came by for a video interview. You can see a clip at the link below....Click on "Artists talk shop at the Revel" my part plays right after the basket weaver. Let me know if you see it (I can get you a basket if you want one, but reply soon....this ends tomorow evening)!
You might need to copy and p[aste this in your browser...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

photo error

Since I am still in Shreveport, LA without my camera cord, I cannot load the painting I did today...actually, I did 4 yesterday!
So I will post one from my "private collection".
The painting above, "Davie", is a little "sketch" I did of my daughter last summer. She was in no mood to be my model, but accommodated me anyway....for a short while....notice the incomplete brush strokes???

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Charlie at the Art Fair" 9 x 12

My brother takes his old lab, Charlie, everywhere. As I sit in my booth here in Shreveport I see lots of people coming by to view the art, but no dogs! There must be a city rule about that here, but many places allow dogs on leashes to wander through the art. I was missing the people and their pets, yesterday and it reminded me of the time my brother brought Charlie by.

I painted this with a backdrop of a friend's booth, which had a great display of colorful metal dogs. Charlie looks right at home!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On Shreveport TV

"Shreveport Sky" 11 x 14 Available today! E-mail me for details!

If you woke up really early in Shreveport, LA, you might have seen me on the News!
KTAL (NBC Channel 6) dragged me out of bed for an early morning paint-out in the studio. I have to complement the Anchor, Shannon Slatton who interviewed me, and the meteorologist, Tiffany Wong....I hope I got the names right....very good news people! With great early morning attitudes, too!
I did an "on camera demo" and began a painting similar to this one with the big thunderhead sky...unknowingly predicting today's weather in Shreveport!
Come see me in booth 61 before the sky lets loose!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Missing the Farm

I'll be in Shreveport, LA for one more week, but I really miss painting our farm each day.....I am painting here at the Red River Revel (booth 61), but just using photographs and catching up on commissions....this little painting is a view of my favorite place on the farm....the "bottom" where a little run-off stream runs. Early in the morning in late summer it looks like this, if there has been enough rain.
Please contact me if you like this one....I paint this view a lot!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Louisiana Trout

Louisiana Trout___8x10 oil ___SOLD a long time ago!
I first posted this in October of 2006...I am editing this post on May 12, 2015, because the manufacturer of that stuff in the bottle  (which I happen to LOVE and eat on almost EVERYTHING!) has notified me today that they do not want me to use their symbols in any of my artwork...
 I am considering a series!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shreveport: Red River Revel

"The Boys" 6 x 12 available

I am in Shreveport, LA from Oct.6 - 15 at the Red River Revel, showing some of my latest paintings. This is a great venue along the waterfront: Great artisans, amazing food and live music all day. All the "Revelers" are happy, and really knowledgeable about art. The days are full and LONG, and the forecast is for great weather all week! I brought plenty of panels to paint on...come to the party! Look for the easle and someone there painting! That will be ME! I'll tell you more tomorrow...after church!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sky over Conejos 16 x 20

I will have this one with me in Shreveport in a couple of days.
Last month when we were there, Colorado looked a lot like this! But my painting friends Rick and Louisa up there have told me this week that the air is crisp and the leaves are golden....already! When I painted the study for this one (along the Conejos) I was with my friend Pat...it started to hail on us so we ran out of there pretty fast.
The best part about "location painting" is that each painting evokes a special memory for the artist. So I think of hail hitting me on the head whenever I look at this one! Don't you??

Monday, October 02, 2006

Play at Monday!!

After a busy weekend of painting I was reminded today to PLAY! The INSTANT CURE for stress and deadlines is a dog who doesn't mind begging to play!
(By the way....my favorite word in english is PLAY!....I love to say it, I live to do it! Say it three times right now...play,play,play! If it's said in a high voice, this dog, Maria, will come a'running!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"The Artist Magazine" Finalist

Since I have a family, I might not post new paintings on the weekend. So here is a painting that is special to me...painted a few years ago. I'ts a small painting called "Fish Story" and it has been selected as a finalist in The Artist Magazine national competition. This will be mentioned in the Dec. issue coming out next month. This painting is in the collection of some artist friends of mine, who bought it at a show.