Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dusky Docks - 40 x 30

Dusky Docks___40 x 30 BIG oil on Gallery wrap
Available at Rockport Art Festival, July 6-7, Rockport, TX
or available from ME!
A few months ago I did the study for this one, which sold in Charleston...since it sold, I have been chomping at the bit to do a large version....
I love SUMMER and the humid coastal areas this time of year. Yes, I LOVE the humidity and even the SMELL of the coast and boatyards! much so that RIGHT NOW, I am headed to New Orleans to gather more "steamy reference"...My sister is tagging along, and we will catch up to my artist friend, Robin Cheers, who is there right now, hanging out in all the cafes, and eating her way through the restaurants and urban areas, sketching and texting me to "hurry up" and get there....We are hoping to do some sort of collaboration on the theme, so I can't wait to see what she has done!...
Actually, the plan is to work separately while there, and then get our stuff together afterwards to see what each of us did! (but since she and her family got there first, they are keeping in touch, to make sure I don't miss something I NEED to see!...or eat!!!)
I'll be looking for a boatyard or a farm!...and a beignet

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cow - Palette Droppings

Cow__8x10 oil study__$250
Saturday was the last of my little sketch classes at Joel's Chocolate and Coffee House. Robin and I did a couple of fun demos and steered everyone to the truffle display...My favorite pecan truffles were fresh, so we made the display smaller!
I have painted a lot these days and there were a lot of "puddles" drying on my palette...that semi-dry sticky blobby stuff I call "palette droppings"...when I got home, I used the droppings for this one above...Catchy title, eh?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

#50 - Spoonbill Balance

Spoonbill Balance__6x6 oil on canvas panel__$150
#50 in the Birdseed Project
I painted this from a photo I took at the zoo not long ago. Did the little painting at Joel's Coffee House (and CHOCOLATE!) last Saturday, where artist Robin Cheers and I are conducting Saturday Sketch and Chocolate sessions this month!
It is very informal...we both demo a little bit, and bring lots of supplies to share...Your job is to come PLAY with our stuff and learn a little bit about sketching and ENJOY some free will WANT some chocolate!
If you think you can come, let us know! Cost is $20

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

49 - Scarlet Ibis Birdseye View

Scarlet Ibis Birdseye View___$150
#49 in the Birdseed Project
As I get ready to take works to the Rockport Art Festival early next month, I did a few little tropical birds last week at the Chocolate Sketch Class!
Join us on Saturday for the last sketch class this month... I plan to demonstrate a small one with my "palette droppings" and Robin has something fun planned with sketching. Joel's, once again, is providing the coffee and tempting us with Austin's best truffles!
Please click the Birdseed Project link and consider a small donation to help provide seed to nursing homes. Better yet, ASK ME how to do a Birdseed Project at a nursing home near you!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

#48 Rooster Highlight

Rooster Highlight___6x6 oil on canvas panel
#48 in the Birdseed Project
This little rooster painting was actually painted at the nursing home while mom looked on from under the dryer! Each Wednesday she gets her hair done...the HIGHLIGHT of her whole week! When she was in the hospital a few months ago, I am petty sure it was my pep talks about going back to the salon that helped her get through!...I like sitting with her and visiting with Tina as mom gets "washed, rolled, dried and styled"...since she can't hear me while under the dryer, I painted and she watched...between dozing off sessions :)
Robin Cheers and I are sharing sketching, coffee and chocolate again Saturday, June 15th at
Joel's Coffee House. 9-noon. We supply the materials, and coffee! come and enjoy!
email if you are coming! $20

Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Fed

Spring Fed___24 x 30 oil on linen
This is the one I worked on at the Chocolate Sketch class on Saturday. A typical Texas Hill country bluebonnet painting!
Many of our streams are "spring fed" as are the cattle!
I have some little things left to do, but you might not notice them so I decided to post it tonight...bigger paintings take a little time to "see". I like to hold them for many weeks and place them on walls around my house (or at coffee/chocolate shops!) to see things in different lighting conditions.I have planned this painting for a long while, after doing something outside that was very similar...

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Goliad Guns

Goliad Guns__8x10 oil "palette droppings"
I used my "palette droppings" from yesterday's work at Joel's to create Goliad Guns, above.
Using B.C's photo and a palette my palette is clean!
Yesterday morning I met at Joel's Coffee House in Austin with Artist, Robin Cheers.
Click the Joel's link for the BEST PART of what we did, yesterday...a little sidetracking with CUPCAKES...Really "good" artists would have painted them, but Robin and I just ate them. We did not know it was CUPCAKE SATURDAY, so we had to find our way with the distraction...somebody has to...
As usual, the time at Joel's passed too fast.
On Saturday, June 15, and June 22 we'll do it again! You can join us with your sketch supplies, or USE OURS! We will each do a short demo...Mine will be a quick draw like the video below...
And we persuaded Calli to do her cupcakes again!
Cost is $20

V....Vaughan's Quick Draw at Cowgirl Up, 2013...Thank you MIKE'S ROAD TRIP
I wonder where Mike is, TODAY?

Monday, June 03, 2013

Stormy Thumb

Stormy Thumb___16x20 "Quick Draw" in oil
Yesterday's post showed my first "quick draw" at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show out in Prescott, AZ. Here is the one I did on Sunday last week. It also took one hour and was auctioned off along with 18 other artist's works. The scene is Thumb Butte, with the lights of Prescott twinkling.
I worked from a reference photo I took the day before, when I took a wrong turn on the way to the event, and saw a spectacular view from the hill top!
The painting is larger than my usual quick draw canvas....see ?
I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that my works are now represented in Sedona, Arizona at the wonderful
12 x 36 oil
Available at Mountain Trails Gallery, Sedona, AZ

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Getaway__The Phippen Show

Getaway ___16x20 "Quick Draw" at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show
Last weekend I was in Arizona at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show, held at the courthouse square in Prescott, AZ. The highlight of the weekend is the "Quick Draw", when 20 artists stand back to back, draw their weapons (paint brushes!) and have one hour to complete a work of art. It is then auctioned for the benefit of the Museum (AND the artist!)...the auction is a lively time with a lot of laughs...and a little bit of competition from the art patrons! 
I call this one "Getaway"'s one of the biggest quick draws I have ever done.
The Grand Champion painter this year was Bill Cramer, a good friend (his work is breathtaking!)...He had fun bidding on my painting, but alas, was outbid...but THANKS, BILL, for the validation!
Prescott is just about THE place for western art. I think more prominant western artist live here than ANY PLACE! Some of them (Bill Anton, Cynthia Rigden, Dave Powell) judged the art and I won THIRD place in a very competetive oil painting category.
The award winning work is below
El Presidio_Sonidos de Paz__10x30

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Colorado: August 7 - 11, 2014


August 7 - 11, 2014
Check back again for the details!
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