Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three Pants

Three Pants___overall framed size 7 x 13___available at SEWE
These three golden retrievers had just gotten through romping around the water when I snapped the picture....all tongues hanging in full PANT! I painted them in oils on a brown mottled surface (Matt board). Their shadows are the background color coming through. This is really a sketch, but it's all framed up and ready to take to the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC. Srr it framed, below. I ship my big box of art tomorrow! Then I will have a few days off before flying out to the show. I hope if you live nearby you will come say "hello"!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Racina___16 x 24 giclee on paper from a watercolor___8 available___$90
Grandmother Helen raised and trained Arabian horses. She rode, too, till she was way past 80, and trained riders way after that. Her horse, Racina, was one of her favorites, and it was Racina who was the most "forgiving" horse with new riders. Grandmother put me on Racina when I tried to learn to ride properly...I was sort of a "lost cause" for Grandmother. I rode a whole lot as a kid, but always bareback, and I learned some bad habits that kept me from ever "sitting well" on Grandmothers finely trained Arabians.
I painted Racina when Grandmother lost most of her vision. The painting has faded some, but when it was first painted the background was darker. I never liked the background, but I did it this way so Helen could see it better (she could see contrasts, and these colors better for some reason)...She loved when Racina would hold her head and tail high...this was her favorite painting and was hanging by her bed when she passed away a few months ago. Read about her at this link, where there is a great photo of her, too. My father-in-law, RV wanted some of our family members to have a reproduction of this, so we made a small edition... e-mail me if you want info

Victorian Tea-Giglee

Victorian Tea - 14 x 11 giclee reproduction on stretched canvas, edition size: 10____ only 5 available $190 each
I do not often have reproductions of my work, but a few people wanted this one, so I printed a small limited edition. Each print is signed and numbered by me. To read about the painting, which I did on site back in October, Click Here.
Tomorrow I will post another giclee reproduction of an Arabian Horse....
A "giclee" (pronounced zshee-clay) is a fancy word for "ink jet printing"...I think. In the old days, artists had to reproduce our work by offset printing with film negatives and 4 color process was NOT cost effective, and the edition sizes had to be HUGE! I think it was trickery to sell a piece of paper for HUNDREDS of dollars, calling it a "signed, numbered, limited edition"...that, in my opinion is NOT artwork, but "giftwrap". Even today, with digital printing, and artist can reproduce their work INEXPENSIVELY. When I create a "Reproduction", I ALWAYS make the edition size and the PRICE VERY SMALL! It simply is NOT WORTH what fine art originals are worth. Please try to buy ORIGINAL art when you can...there are a LOT of GREAT ARTISTS out there with beautiful work that is affordable...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Water Boy

Water Boy___8x10 oil on linen panel---framed for SEWE
Labs and water = fun...and fun to paint! I have a few more "wildlife" paintings to post for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC, but I am taking a couple days off to run down to Rockport, TX. I will be teaching a workshop at Art Educator Days...It's fun to meet art educators from all over the state.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye-Study____8x10 oil on linen panel____for SEWE
SEWE is the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and I will be headed there in a couple of weeks. The recent blog paintings have been a preview of my paintings for this year's show. I worked this one from a photo I took at the show last year. Someone was "showing off" this bird, so I got real close...Come see me at SEWE, Feb. is one BIG party in Charleston, SC.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Velcro, My Cat

Velcro, My Cat_____6x6 oil on linen panel___$150
I painted this mostly from memory, after a few annoyed glances from Velcro. He figured out that I was making"kissy noises" at him for no good reason (to him!), so he turned his back and ignored me the rest of the time. This doesn't really look like him, but that's his fault...Velcro came with us from the farm. He had a twin brother named Duster, who disappeared a few months broke all our hearts...They were sleeping pals and stayed together 100% of the time. Now we have skunks hibernating in the garage, so velcro has been sleeping in the house...
Had a couple cancellations in my Fredericksburg, TX workshop! Feb 5-7, 2010. Come if you can! It will be three FULL DAYS of sketching, and grabbing color! e-mail me if you need info

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fillet Finisher

Fillet Finisher___from my sketchbook
His name is Charlie, and he was working alongside the guy who was filleting the fish (see yesterday's sketch)
It looked to me as if he was spreading something with a brush onto each fillet. Again, I had to work REAL FAST, because he was working fast. This is what "impressionism" is: capturing the IMPRESSION of what is going on. It might not be TECHNICALLY accurate, but gives the idea of what I saw. Frankly, it's all about his cute little hat...I wished I had my camera, at the time, but really, it's BETTER to NOT rely on the camera for an impression. Later on, when I make paintigs of these guys, I will work from more knowledge (ie photos or more sketches and notes) to make sure I am not wrong about the proper form for filleting big fish!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fillet Master

Fillet Master___from my sketchbook
We found a great Sushi Restaurant near our house in Round Rock. I went over there to get some food to go, and while I waited, I noticed a couple of the chefs, preparing things behind the bar. The lighting was amazing and the skill of these men was so artful, I asked if I could sketch them . I happened to have my sketchbook, so I was able to do a couple of 10 minute sketches before the food came out. This man was fileting salmon. HUGE salmon! Since he worked fast, I had to work fast...I put my lines down quickly, and noticed some things later (after he cleaned a second and third fish) that I will change next time...I will go back as soon as I can.
Note to Artists:
When you sketch something like this, it is REAL important to observe technical things: the way he holds the knife, the angles of his wrist and arm, and the tilt of his head....after getting all that right (he worked so FAST!!) I noticed on the third fish that, by the time he is cutting the big line down the front, his hand was on top of the fish...I think it would be dangerous for him to cut this way, with his hand here...FORM MATTERS!!! It's like the sports sketches I do..make sure you understand the sport a little bit before you commit to describing someone's form...a real player will KNOW it's wrong if it is!...I am teaching a Workshop: Feb 5-7 e-mail for details!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up___6 x 8 oil on canvas__painted for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition
So, if this was my own cat, Velcro, he woud be saying "pickmeup, pickmeup, pickmeup, pickmeup...". Since this is my friend's cat, Nemo, I can imagine he is much more polite....I started a dog painting today...but I might be painting more cats, since I am hearing from a lot of folks ..."more cats please"...OK, OK, OK, OK
By the way, at the Fredericksburg workshop which I will be teaching on Feb. 5-7, we will do animals on one day...from life!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward__8x6 oil on linen, for the SEWE show
If you know cats, you know this look...both eyes forward, one ear back...but I liked the "stretch" of his legs...if it wasn't for that, you might think Nemo was mad, but I think he's just focused.
For you artists: Working small is a good way to get something "out of your system". I have been in "cat mode" lately, and these small cat paintings are helping me solve some problems with fur and a furry body being foreshortened, and other art things...But one of the BEST benefits of producing SEVERAL paintigs of the same subject is that your colors are already mixed for the next canvas!
Workshop in Fredericksburg, TX, Feb. 5-7

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Face Forward

Face Forward__6x8 oil on linen__for Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston, SC
...Unless you want it first! Just let me know!...His name is Nemo, and is belongs to a friend of mine. I have been on a "Nemo kick" lately, so expect a couple more paintings of him this week ...In a few weeks I will be in Charleston for Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, the best Wildlife Show in America. Lots of great art and world renown artists. Also there are special presentations and exhibits. Jack Hannah will be there again this year. Please come see me at the Charleston Place Hotel on Meeting Street....I will introduce you to some of these great artists!
Before then, though, I will teach a short but intense workshop in Fredericksburg, TX. Feb 5-7. And, FYI, tomorrow in Fredericksburg, the weather will be AMAZING! It will get up to 75 with bright warm sunshine!
I have ordered the SAME weather for Feb 5-7, complete with colorful sunrises and sunsets and a FULL MOON! e-mail me if you want to come!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sleepy Head_6x8 oil, cat

Sleepy Head__6x8 oil on linen panel__for Southeastern Wildlife Exposition...unless you ask first $190
I have met some great cats, lately and they have been my "models" this week. A nice BALANCE to all the birds I have painted lately! Funny how we think of cats and birds being enemies...and certain dogs and cats. We have a menagerie of dogs ad cats and there is a special (friendly ) dynamic between a few of them...except there is always one cat who hates EVERYBODY!...I wonder why that is....But, this is not THAT cat...He i a sweetie, and belongs to a friend.
Join me in Fredericksburg, TX Feb. 5-7 for an intense 3 day workshop. Lots of COLOR in this one, as we take on the sunrises, sunsets and moonrises of central Texas. Our weather is often warm that time of year. Today was beautiful and it's supposed to be near 70 all week...come on down!!! e-mail me for info

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Robin on the Run

Robyn on the Run____12 x 1o.5 pencil on paper____for Robyn
Robyn gave me a great photo to work from...She is a former softball star for Northwestern University, and runs Boot Camp U in Austin, TX. All her trainers have their degrees in kinesiology and really know their stuff. If you live in Austin she I HIGHLY recommend her Boot Camps! Robin has been whipping me into shape since November...well, she TRIES to, but only recently have I made it through a workout without pulling something. It's not her fault...I am sort of competitive and ...old....bad combo!
If you are an artist and did not see my announcement about a great Plein Air event in Texas during bluebonnet season, please read yesterday's blog post. E-mail me if you want more info

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Falcon Hat__falcon, bird, birds of prey,

Falcon Hat__8x6 oil on linen panel_ painted for SEWE, unless you want it first__$190
Steve used to bring his falcon, Emo, out to our farm to fly in the fields. My children were young, then, and LOVED to watch Emo fly. He would chase pigeons, and one time he himself got hit by a was scary, but Emo survived. I painted him from a photo Steve dent me. He has on his little "hat" blinders. This keeps him "quiet" till he flies. The tassles on top are cute, but they are what you hold onto to take it off.
Below is some info about an upcoming plein air event in Texas. Good prize money, great people and the best location in Texas...I hope you artists will come!...I will have more details tthis week...

PAINT THE TOWN___Marble Falls, TX
-It's a Plein Air Paint Out on April 16-18 (There is online registration for artists!I will have that link soon) If you are one of my artist buddies, PLEASE consider this. It is a BEAUTIFUL time of year - BLUEBONNET SEASON, and this will be a great year for them!- also, Marble Falls is in the BEST part of Texas...
-Awards: Cash $$$ plus original Bronze medals by Dan Pogue ($1000 for first place, $200 for 5th place and lots in between) The medals are REALLY UNIQUE and beautiful!
-I am the awards juror, so I cannot enter this year...DURN!
-BUT! I will have an exhibit in town at that time: LAST YEAR ON THE FARM selections from my series of plein air works will be on exhibit in Marble Falls for several weeks in April.
-I will give a gallery talk and sign my book Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change on Sunday, April 18.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Twilight Glow

Little Twilight Glow___9x12 oil on linen panel___sold (a commission)
This is a sort of "backwards" commission. USUALLY I do small studies in oils, as I work out compositional and color problems...and sometimes I make things up. When the idea works, I might turn it into a large canvas, using the smaller one as reference. THIS ONE, though, is a small version of a LARGE painting I posted in December. Click here to see it and compare composition, color and design. I will ship it to a collector in Colorado next week when it dries!
Hey you artists! Have you taken a workshop lately? It's a good way to snap out of "doldrums", to get some new ideas and to have some constant critique to sharpen you up. I welcome you to my winter workshop at Fredericksburg Artists School, Feb. 5-7. Email for info

The Rest_red-winged Blackbirds

The Rest___10 x 8 oil on linen panel__for the SEWE show nless you want it sooner!

After the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, I will again head to the Donnelly Wildlife Refuge to paint and photograph the South Carolina Low Country. Last year I took some photos of these red-winged blackbirds as they danced on the tall winter grasses. This is them at rest.

My daughter (also an artist/designer)is tagging along this year, and we plan to explore Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL .

Here is a "lesson" for you artists...when you take wet paintings to shows, you must guard them carefully. Back in October, I blogged this painting below, but I didn't show the "fingerprint" version. I took it to a show while wet, and hung it low. Apparently a little bus rider saw it there and couldn't resist. See the three "skid marks" left by little fingers who must have run away FAST! I never saw the culprit. It has happened to me before and the person who does it is always mortified! I really think it's funny, because a little thing like this is easy to fix, but it's probably better to leave the wet ones home :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Romeo's Long Shadows

"Romeo's Long Shadows"___from my sketchbook
Long legs plus low sun equals long shadows. I did this one looking down at my "good Dane", Romeo.
I want to do a color sketch of this , but ran out of time today. If you view this one on my BLOG, you can click the image and see it bigger to examine the details. ...As a young artist, I was PHOTO-REALISTIC with a pencil. As I have become an impressionist with paint, I find that my pencil technique has followed along. As a former high school art teacher, I believe that EVERY young artist ought to work hard at realism, and technical l. After the eye is polished, then the technique and "personality" of the artist can emerge. oh, and Impressionism should NOT be an excuse for sloppiness :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Racoon Day

Racoon Day__6x8 oil study on linen panel__$190 before I frame it for SEWE
SEWE is the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, a great wildlife art show in Charleston, SC. This year's show is right aroud the corner, and I am finishing up my last paintings...lots of little wildlife studies...This one is full of texture, and depicts a racoon I saw last year in Rockport. He was just getting ready for a big night, I guess, because he was up "early"...before the sun went down, and the last warm rays of the day were on his back.
Act I Gallery, representing me in Taos, NM has put some of my art in prominant places on their web site this month! Please click here to see the front page info about our upcoming show "Nocturnes"....Then click here to see a special page they made featuring my sure to read the funny captions.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Phainopepla, aka Silky Fly Catcher___8x6 oil for N.W., my great old buddy old pal!!!

My good friend, N., really liked my painting of the "Black Cardinal Jay Thing", the other day, but was too late to ask for it. I was working on other paintings of this bird, so I promised this one to her, since she asked first. In the meantime, a few good blog friends (one from Arizona and a couple who are just SMART and like birds....and probably were embarrassed by my made-up name for the bird :) emailed to
tell me the proper name. See caption above....

Also, I mentioned my love of football, and that it has been LIFELONG!!! A few people asked about those "early sketches". Here, below, is one of my favorites. Though copied from an illustration in a library book about the NFL, which I read cover to cover, it is not terrible for a 7-year-old! I remember watching the "Ice Bowl" between the Packers and the Cowboys, and turning in enough cereal box tops to buy a REAL leather football signed by the Packers! It was Bart Starr, Willie Wood, Willie Davis, Nitschke, Jerry Kramer...I remember some of the names still! It was my prized possession (though later on I could tell the signatures were PRINTED on the football)...Later I became a Cowboy fan, when I learned they were right here in Texas! ...BUT, since we spend so much summer time in Colorado, I am also a Denver Bronco fan...Heck..I like them all :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hawk Lookout

Hawk Lookout__8x6 oil study on linen for the SEWE show, unless you want it! $190

I type this during halftime....(How 'bout them Cowboys!) ...and was wishing this was an EAGLE, so I could call it Eagle Lookout! ...Sorry for the football talk, but I am a bit of a FAN. I have ALWAYS been a football geek (ask to see my sketches from when I was 7 years old!!)
For you artists: I painted this from a photo I shot at our farm. We had hawks everywhere. The middle-dark-blue background was actually the UNDERPAINTING for a lot of winter mesquite branches, but, gee, would YOU put them in? Me either! Lesson here is: LOOK UP from time to time as you paint. You may actually FINISH the work before you planned to!
For more...COME TO MY WORKSHOP on Feb 5 -7. We will sketch some animals from life (during the day), in between sunrises and moonrises! It will probably be warm in Texas that weekend! e-mail for info

Friday, January 08, 2010

Egret Scout_egret, white bird, flight

Egret Scout__6x8 oil on linen panel__ $190
If you like wildlife and the big outdoors, the next few weeks will be a great time for you to watch my blog! I am preparing a few dozen small works for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC (Feb 12 - 14). There are plenty of egrets in the wet lands out there, and they are a favorite thing of mine to paint.
Come paint with me in Fredericksburg, TX ! On Feb 5 - 7 at the Fredericksburg Artists School, I have ordered some beautiful sunsets and moonrises! We'll paint a lot, visit a lot, eat a lot and visit Luckenbach and some of the other nearby sights.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Arizona Black Jay Cardinal Thing-bird, black

Arizona Black Cardinal Jay Bird Thing___8x6 oil on linen...accidently sold it wet, today!
I have been painting small wildlife studies for the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. After a week or two of studies, I will paint a few large ones and then ship the works to Charleston. If you are near there on Feb 11-14, please come by and see me!...So this bird was painted from a photo I took last year. It is a western bird...a photo taken in Arizona. As you can tell by my title, I do not know my birds, and did not have time to look it up, because this one sold today! When S.L. came by the house to pick up a couple of works she had purchased, she saw this one on the easel and wanted to give it a home...I do not mind letting little wet ones go, but it feels a little sad when I do not "get to know them" better!...S.L. lives nearby, so I can go visit if I want to!...if any of you westerners recognizes this bird, please leave a reply below!
Are y'all watching the Texas / Alabama Football Championship??? ME TOO!!! HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Afternoon Clearing__ranch, cows, landscape, farm

"Afternoon Clearing"___16x20 oil on linen___A Commission for Terry N.
I loved having the chance to paint out on the land again! Even though I mostly did this one in the studio from photos, it still felt like "home on the range...or the farm" to me! Thank you for the commission, Terry! I hope the family likes it and that you do not mind the "artistic license!" It was great to feel spring showers and to "see green" for a while!
For you artists out there, just because the client gives you a handfull of photos and tells you which is the BEST view, I find that MOST of the time they will not mind if you take a little license with the final painting. In this work, I put the trees in better places and added some of that good red dirt that Terry liked. Heck, even when I painted our farm 365 times I sometimes left out the buildings or added cows where I wanted them!
In a few weeks I will have my first workshop of the year. We will focus on sunrises, sunsets, moonrise and COLOR! Please e-mail me if you are interested (Feb 5 - 7 in Fredericksburg, TX...a great place to get out of the cold!) is the email

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Winner Is....

My 1000th daily painting was posted just before Christmas, and January 4 was the day to give it away! I am posting this on Jan. 5 (after midnight, and after contacting the winner)...I was blown away to have HUNDREDS of people respond. I was also blown away by the many creative attempts by my funny friends who wanted to enter twice...and more! Nice try, y'all! ...It took all afternoon for me and my friend Linda to get each name in the hat. I had WAY MORE names than expected and had to use a box. We put each email name and the date/time I received it on a separate piece of paper and into the "hat"...then my "contest officials" drew the name, I photographed it and let the winner know! See the pictures below and see who won at bottom!
The Hat!

My Contest Officials: Sam and Lola

The Winner Is...overexposed!

Some Photoshop effort shows the name on this overexposed photo... ...sent to me on CHRISTMAS DAY, 12/25/2009, at 10:02 pm...Congratulations STEVE and JANET McClennahan! They are great ART PEOPLE from Kerrville, TX...I think this is their first painting from me, so I am very happy for them! I am very sorry for the rest of you who wanted this one, and have decided that it would be really nice to give away 1000 paintings next time...well, maybe not, but I WILL have another "gift" for my friends sometime in the future. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! new thing from me is a brand new web site....but first: TOMORROW's daily painting!

Monday, January 04, 2010

January 4th, Three Years ago at the Farm___from the exhibit Last Year on the Farm___AVAILABLE
MY FREE PAINTING GIVE-AWAY IS TONIGHT!!!! You can still e-mail me if you want to be in the "hat" ...I will take names till 5 or 6 this evening, and will draw tonight! More on that below...but first - about the painting above...
This painting was exhibited all over the country, and is an actual part of my show. I think it was one of my better "cold weather" paintings, but I guess it was overlooked, so it's still available! There are a number of these "official" show paintings available (see all 365 "Last Year..." paintings on my WEB SITE) . Each of these are beautifully framed, and come with a nice packet of information and CD full of photos , reviews and clippings from the museums who exhibited the works. I hope you will go take a look ! Also, check out my BOOK about this important project...Published by BLURB, click here to preview the first 1o pages.
Here, below, is the painting I am giving away. It is my 1000th daily painting. I chose to paint my FAVORITE thing: sunrise at our old farm...I painted it from photos and other studies (I have 365 daily studies, you know!) I combined a few of my favorite things....Note that the barn in the painting above is the same as the one below.

My 1000th Daily Painting_Sunrise Memory at the Farm___6x8 oil, linen panel_ YOURS, if you enter and me to enter

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hawaiian Cardinal

Hawaiian Cardinal__8x6 oil on linen panel
I painted this one for a friend...Since neither one of us had our own original photos, I used several that I found on the internet, and combined the head on one, with the body of another and made up my own background....Now that I look at it, I see a few things I will change before getting it to it's "home". A good idea for you artists is to take a photo and look at your work small or in black and gives you a fresh view!...Happy New Year!
On the day after tomorrow, I will give away the 1000th daily painting that I did a few days ago.
Click here to see it and read the story....Then email me at to tell me if you want to be in on the drawing which will take place January 4th...

Friday, January 01, 2010

Blue Moon_Drive By

Blue Moon___6 x 8 Drive-by study near Lubbock, TX
I am back from my drive-by painting time through the Great Plains. The second excursion preparing for my 2011 exhibit called "Passing America: The Great Plains". I have a brand new BLOG documenting these travels and the new works and studies for this exhibit. PLEASE go see what I wrote about this painting, and my camera of choice.
On the new blog I include maps and photos of these travels. I will keep up with exhibit information and opportunities for artists and fans to join me along the way. My next trip will be in a few months and will take me a little farther from home!
PLEASE go see what I have put up this week, and click there to be a follower.
Happy New Year, Y'all!