Saturday, June 27, 2015

2016 Colorado Moon Light Workshop

North Star   12 x 12   oil

Five days in the San Juan Wilderness Area will include the 
FULL MOON of July 19.
Reserve your place early with a deposit that is refundable till July 1, 2016

Itinerary will be similar to the 2015 Workshop.
Already I am working on a SPECIAL NEW FEATURE, TBA
Click here for 2015  overview and follow all the links!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Colorado Workshop Registration

"Nestled in Gold"  (moonrise in Mogote CO)      V....Vaughan

Copy and paste this into an email to:

REGISTRATION: email immediately 
to confirm your spot
Fee: $400
Please enclose $100 deposit to V….Vaughan.
 NOT REFUNDABLE after July 20
Call or email me  for PayPal link, if you prefer to pay with credit card

V….Vaughan Contact Info:

Cell Phone Before Workshop:  (512) 917-0814
Phone in Colorado During  Aug 6-11 :  (719) 376-2062
Husband, David’s cell phone:  (512) 695-8540



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PHONE (cell)___________________________ 




Emergency Contact:


Where I am Staying During Workshop
( if you don’t know, yet, I will fill this in later)


Contact Phone Number During Workshop week:

NOTES and CONSIDERATIONS ( In other words: WHAT DID I FORGET TO ASK?, or what are you dying to say? )

Colorado Workshop 2015 Itinerary

V....Vaughan's 2015 COLORADO Workshop Itinerary


Date:Tuesday, July 28 - Saturday, August 1, 2015
Place: Near Antonito, CO, 81120. Just over the border from Chama, NM. 
Taos is 70 miles away. I recommend planning a day in Taos after we paint!
Lodging: options vary from great campgrounds to upscale resorts. (if available)
Email V.... for specific questions


WORKSHOP LOCATIONS will all be on or near the Conejos River, between Rocky Mountain Lodge and Antonito. This is a 30 mile span, but we will only go to one general area a day, and not do a lot of driving once we get there.
Three FULL DAYS will be divided into two sessions. Two half day sessions on the first and last days. Our sessions will include Artist Demonstrations by V….Vaughan, some hand-outs, brief discussion and theory instruction while V…. paints. An entire session or two will be devoted to SKETCHING: working either on canvas or in sketchbooks. Perspective Problems will be tackled! Capturing impressions QUICKLY… drawing without lines…I have a LOT to say about sketching!!!
The locations have wonderful variety. Things you will choose from: Mountain Vistas, River Color, Warm GREENS,
Big Monsoon Skies, Sage Brush Meadows, Dark GREENS, Old Churches, Crumbled Adobe, Barns, Dude Ranch Corrals, Light GREENS, Cattle, Calves, Horses and Foals,  Cowboys and Cowgirls, and Cool GREENS.
A SPECIAL TOPIC I ALWAYS COVER IS HOW WE SEE LIGHT, and WHAT IS COLOR, ANYWAY? We learn a lot about these by intense observation at the extreme ends of the day: SUNRISE and SUNSET. I have planned this class to coincide with the FULL MOON, so we will also observe and paint MOONRISE AND MOONSET, which will happen at the same time as the sunrise/sunset! It is a FASCINATING study and is sure to cause a leap forward in your painting progress, if you have never studied such things…I HAVE FUN WITH IT, TOO! Having taught high school artists for over 20 years, I know how to keep it simple, so that you can do what you like to do most….PAINT!!!
Here is a ROUGH DRAFT of our workshop…You will receive a detailed itinerary when we meet on Tuesday. There will be maps and phone numbers and other details… OUR EXACT LOCATIONS WILL BE GIVEN WHEN YOU REGISTER!
TUESDAY, July 28
Afternoon INTRO:  Demo and Discussion.  Locations in review.

Session 1. 
Mid-day Break
Session 2.  Afternoon

Session 3.  Sunrise
Session 4. Sunset

Session 5. EARLY MORNING…On this day we will meet EARLY to paint the Moonset at Sunrise. OR BOTH.
We will have a mid-day break…I suggest naps!
Session 6. EARLY EVENING till DARK, and beyond, maybe…At this time we will have Moonrise at Sunset!

Session 7.  A last session will wrap up with a critique time, and you’ll be on your way by 1 pm

V....Vaughan COLORADO 2015 Workshop OVERVIEW

V....Vaughan COLORADO 2015 Workshop
SIGN UP SOON! Click HERE for info and registration!
I am currently in Colorado, painting the full moon and sunrises to prepare for the workshop BLUE MOON of July 19!  
The pictures below are actual locations.

email me right away if you are interested!.I keep these workshops SMALL!