Friday, August 29, 2008

A Little Hot Sauce

"A Little Hot Sauce"____6 x 4 ( tiny!)______$90 includes shipping!
I brought something else into the studio for a warm-up this morning...but then I saw this on the window sill...what a better way to WARM up than HOT sauce!! It is a tiny painting but there's lots of paint on here! Let me know if you want a high res view!
Happy Labor day!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Repair at Low Tide___Click to bid

"Low Tide Repair___9 x 12 oil on linen panel_____click to bid
Painted on location in Maine. This was painted a couple years ago in Maine (Camp Ellis, near Saco)...Before I was finished with it, the tide came in and my easel legs were in the water....It made me a little nervous, because our tide does not come up so fast or high in Texas and I was freaked out a little bit...but it helped me to paint faster!!!
Please note that this is NOT a small painting. There are MANY small paintings available on the blogs these days. I want to offer a few "larger" paintings (as opposed to small studies) from time to time...this is one of those times! For more info, e-mail me at

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Tennessee Farm

"A Tennessee Farm"___11 x 14 oil on linen panel____a commission
I will be shipping this one to Tennessee in a day or so...It is a farm I was commissioned to paint for the family who lives there. I do not know their story, but I wonder if they are looking at a future there, or, if they will have to leave soon, as my family had to last year....
Welcome to my blog, Boxer Bobby B!!! Thank you for the beautiful roses :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Little Bungalow_click to bid

"Little Bungalow"___8 x 6 oil on linen panel___Click to bid
I have been holding this little painting for a customer who decided to purchase a different painting. I like the frame (looks like a "warm" silver, or you might see a "cool" gold!), and so I am selling this painting framed. Click the link to bid and to see a detail version.
School started today and I got to meet a nice small group of high schoolers. Some of my students are international students, studying here and working on their English! I LOVE meeting other "cultures" and wish I could let them speak in thier language in class, but they need to practice speaking English!

Monday, August 25, 2008


"Lindsey"___10 x 8___Sarah's baby

I painted and delivered Lindsey a while ago! And pretty soon I will be painting Lindsey's playpal, Kerra. I really enjoy painting dogs, and have a few commissions in the works this month.

Tomorrow is the first day of school where I live. I have been busy setting up my classroom at Round Rock Christian Academy, where I am getting ready to begin my 19th year of teaching art. I used to teach all the classes but for the past few years I now only teach the high school artists. I like this age group, because they have great energy and they are fearless about art! So much of the teaching I do at my workshops comes from the years I have spent breaking down complicated art concepts for this age group....I am excited to start the school year, but hate to see the summer come to an end....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chicken Clinic for E and E

"Chicken Clinic for E and E___8 x 6 oil on linen panel_____click to bid

It's back-to-school time and I had a little chicken clinic with my GREAT niece and Nephew on Wednesday. Ethan and Emily painted with me and their mom, my niece, Michelle, painted along with us! We had a is my "chicken"...a little gem!
Speaking of back-to-school...I am entering my 19th year of teaching art at Round Rock Christian Academy. Hello to all my new students and families...I hope you will keep in touch!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sandy's Red Rock

"Sandy's Red Rock"___8x6___Sandy Owns this one :)
I brought this one back from AZ a few weeks order to finish the water and to varnish it for my friend, Sandy! It was painted at Red Rock Crossing...I need to ship it back to her when the varnish dries, and thought I'd post it...It was a demo, and might make a good "big one" some day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fringe of the Day

"Fringe of the Day"_16 x 20 oil on canvas___available
Here is the last one I will post from my work in Silverthorne, Colorado. The rest of the paintings were "duds", and I either scraped them off or have some finish work to do on them...
I painted this one above the town, looking down on Dillon Lake and IH 70. The Highway came across just below this dam and we could see it snaking up for miles till it came to a tunnel! Those little lights on the bank at left are the Corinthian Hills....This was the first of 5 paintings I did that day!
THis photo is a little blurry, so if you ant to see a better image, let me know!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mountain Sparkle_Click to Bid

"Mountain Sparkle___8 x 10 oil on linen panel_____by V....Vaughan_ click to bid!!

Full moon rising above Colorado a few days ago. I painted this one "en plein (dark!) air...the sun had gone down while I painted the previous one (See yesterday's BLOG post). Though totally dark outside, I memorized where the colors were on my palette, so I was able to paint this one when the sky was so dramatic! I did a few touch-ups in the light of the truck afterwards :)
If you win this, please ask me about the great frame I have for it!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Moonrise Parade_12x16

(Painting at top is available!)
" Moonrise Parade "___12 x 16 oil on fine linen panel_____nicely framed, $950 *
I painted five paintings on August 14, the day before the "Parade of No Homes" is #4. The moon rose above Silverthorne, CO and I painted with a new friend, Debbie. We were quiet most of the time (not like me at ALL!!) but the moonrise took both our breaths away!....After this one it was too dark to see, but I painted #5, anyway! This one is my favorite of the 7 paintings I did, but #5 was also one that folks really liked. I will post it tomorrow...
The other photos show the reason why I missed posting over the weekend...I drove from Silverthorne to the Conejos Canyon in storms that ranged from snow to hail....had my camera in my lap the whole way and got some great pics of some pretty violent weather! ...the last photo shows when I ran into hail...I just grabbed the camera and snapped. Later I realized that this was the truck and car that went off the road just in front of me!!!...see the tracks on the right (a semi trick) and the lights on the left (the car...).
*Please let me know if you are interested in the painting. I do credit cards and layaway...I know this is way more than the price of the art I usually post, but this is a "big" one and it's got a great frame on it and I will take it to a gallery soon , if no one wants it. I have so many blog/mail friends and I think that until I will give y'all first crack at my art...even the bigger studio paintings. This is the same price you would pay at any of the galleries that represent me. I do not like to undercut the nice folks that partner with me and work so hard at what they do....Hey, it seems like a lot compared to the $200 dollar paintings I usually post, but I am still on the LOW end of the price spectrum for good original art!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Maybe A Storm

"Maybe A Storm"___16x20 oil on linen____Available at the Parade of No Homes
I titled this while I was painting it...had I waited I would have used "hail" somewhere in the title. My first time to paint in the hail....fortunately there was no lightning, because I had a nice thick pine tree to stand under!...The Parade of No Homes wet painting sale is tonight. This one will hang and hopefully sell! It's a great cause for preserving open spaces, but not "anti-people", and I like that. I wish I had known about such organizaations as the Continental Divide Land Trust Coalition before our farm was out up for sale!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This Side of Cow Camp

"This Side of Cow Camp"___16 x 20 oil on linen___Available at the Parade of No Homes Silent Auction
Here is one of the locations where the artists will paint in the morning. I painted here today with Joe and Adele...There are way too many great locations to paint here...I wish I could stay longer!...If you are in the Silverthorne area tomorrow, come watch us paint, and then come to the benefit tomorrow evening! See the web site for details

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Columbine Landing

"Columbine Landing"__6 x 8__ oil on linen panel_____by V....Vaughan_ Click to bid
I am in Silverthorne, Colorado (Summit County) for the First ever "Parade of No Homes". Hosted by the Continental Divide Land Trust, the event is Friday night, August 15...a wet painting sale of works created Thursday and Friday. The neatest thing about this plein air event is that the public is invited, encouraged and GIVEN MAPS to watch the painters paint on Friday from 9-12 north of Silverthorne. I will be at Columbine Landing....come watch!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

San Antonio Mountain

"San Antonio Mountain" ___6 x 8___$150 soaking wet!
Right on the border of New Mexico and Colorado is this great smooth-round mountain, San Antonio Mountain. I painted it as we drove by, then we crossed the border into Colorado...It's still light as I type this from my in-laws' place on the Conejos River. Tomorrow I head up to Silverthorne, so look for me painting along the byways there...Please come to the event Friday night and see what we all painted to benefit the Continental Divide Land Trust...for more on the Parade of No Homes, click here

Monday, August 11, 2008

Storm By Clovis_8x10

"Storm By Clovis"__8x10 oil on canvas panel___$175 soaking wet!
We planned to stop in Clovis, NM after driving all day, but there was still light left so we came on to Ft. Sumner, NM....My daughter and I are traveling to Colorado, where I will leave her at her grandparents and I'll go on to Silverthorne to paint!...but first we will have some "girl time" in Santa Fe, tomorrow (my favorite stop is Artisans Art Supply...of course!)...This painting is a juicy one with lots of paint...the sky and storms were dramatic, and we managed to dodge them, but had good views of rain, lightning and huge rainbows....ahhhhh!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bright Canyon Walls

"Bright Canyon Walls"___8x10 oil on canvas, a study at Red Rock Crossing, Sedona, AZ___$175 to the first to ask!
In May I was traipsing across Arizona with artist friends and we stopped to paint a quickie of the red rocks...Artists usually like to paint the extreme ends of daylight: early morning or late afternoon, but I have been fascinated by the BRIGHT noon day light as I have traveled all across the west this summer.
I am on the way west again...headed for Colorado. If you are anywhere near Silverthorne, please come see some great art on sale for a great cause! The wet painting sale will be held Friday night, August 15 and there's a PARTY, so let me know if you want to come. for directions.
Tomorrow I will post a "drive-by painting, so hold onto your daughter will be driving and the painting might be "nervous" hahaha
There is no time to set up an auction on this one above, so I am offering it at a great price for an 8 x 10...bigger than my usual 6 x 8..
HELLO to all my new workshop friends! I hope y'all are having time to paint! Be sure to show me your latest!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Old Cabin_Click to Bid

"Old Cabin___8 x 10 oil on linen panel_____by V....Vaughan_

click to bid:

Another one I found tucked away from my trip to Colorado last year, and thought I would offer it with an starts (and might end!) at $150
Next week I will be painting in Colorado again! Please come see me in Silverthorne at the Parade of No Homes! It's a new event but there are some great artists there. We will paint in Summit county at the end of the week, and sell the wet paintings on Friday night, August 15 at the benefit for the Continental Land Trust! See you there!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

This Time Last Year_CLICK TO BID

"This Time Last Year"____8 x 10___Click to bid

This time last year I was painting at Grand Lake near Winter Park, Colorado...see?...It was a beautiful, bright , clear morning...but cold! I found this one tucked away, and thought I would offer it with an starts (and might end!) at $150

Next week I will be painting in Colorado again! Please come see me in Silverthorne at the Parade of No Homes! It's a new event but there are some great artists there. We will paint in Summit county at the end of the week, and sell the wet paintings on Friday night, August 15 at the benefit for the Continental Land Trust! See you there!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Farm Crop _ detail from 16 x 20 start

"Farm Crop"___detail of a 16 x 20 "start"....will "finish" it soon!

While at the farm with Amanda the other day, I had time to start a second painting...this one is a big one, 16 x 20, but I only had time to put in the big shapes and only have enough paint on the canvas that the bugs could stick to!

I didn't realize all the bugs out there till I got home! Look close and you will see them! extra charge for the bugs!!

It's time for my annual "internet connecting problems"

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dark Dockside

"Dark Dockside"___6x8 oil on linen___not available, yet
I painted this one IN THE DARK a couple months ago in Rockport. It's one of my favorite paintings lately and I have been working on a larger composition. When I am done with the bigger one I will post it, too, but for now I am holding on to this one.
Hello to all my new friends looking in from my summer travels and workshops! PLEASE sign up to get my daily painting in an e-mail, and it will save you the trouble of blogging!
I send a daily e-mail with the day's painting and you get to look at it and pass along or toss it!...Please stay in touch, y'all, and send those comments! There is a comment button below, or click my e-mail ...if you hit reply it goes out to the whole group!! Oh No!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Hawk Places

"Hawk Places"___6x8____$150

My Friend Amanda is here visiting me from Nebraska, and wanted to see the farm where I painted my "Last Year on the Farm", so I took her there and we did a couple of plein air things this morning....after some great famous Round Rock Donuts! It was hot and the hawks flew around screaming the whole time!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Demo - Union Church

Demo...Union Church...16 x 20...45 minute start...

At the Western Art Academy in Kerrville, TX, we went outside yesterday morning for a little bit of plein ar work...Here is my 45 minute "start"...a demonstration of how to compose and draw quickly. Just at this point the sum came out, so I threw on a few "siunlight notes" and will finish it at home....The students exhibit their work at the Western Art Museum in Kerrvile tomrrow. Please come see some great will be amazed. The selections are beautiful and would be a great addition to your collection (great prices...and encouragement for the young artists)

The exhibit starts at noon till 3 pm.