Friday, October 31, 2008

Romeo, Our Guy_9x12 by V....Vaughan

"Romeo - Our Guy"____9 x 12 ebony on archival sketch paper___$75_L.W. has first right...!
I have sketched Romeo before...he is our "Good Dane"...Lately he has been really "clingy", and I think it's because he got hurt a few weeks ago. I was out of town, and returned to find dear Romeo with huge blisters on his head! Romeo had sneaked into the kitchen while my husband was taking hot oil off the stove and they collided and it sloshed on the big guy's head (dog, not husband) now he is scabby....and clingy....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Romeo Below___8 x 11 Pencil

"Romeo Below"___8x11___Just a drawing...$40
I ran over my phone today...crushed it nicely and lost all my phone numbers. Please e-mail me your phone number if youwere in my old data base and want to be back into my new phone

Today’s drawing…Romeo is our "Good Dane"....we tell him he's "good" , not "Great", so he doesn't get a big head!

He stays close wherever I am working. Tonight it's by the computer, below my feet as I hurried off to a football game! (Dragons rule, again!)

If you are near Austin, come to the demo Saturday at sunrise. I will bring some of the farm paintings from "Last Year on the Farm" for everyone to look through, if my demo gets boring :) Click here for details and a map

See all the "...Farm " paintings at my web site and note the many that are still available.
"Romeo Below"___8x11___Just a drawing...$40
I ran over my phone today...crushed it nicely and lost all my phone numbers. Please e-mail me your phone number if youwere in my old data base and want to be back into my new phone

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Paseo Taos___6x8__V....Vaughan

"Paseo Taos"____6x8 oil on linen panel___$150 to the first who wants it!
Driving through Taos, and down the way from Act I Gallery is this nice little view, just off the road. The fall colors were just starting to show a few weeks ago.
IF YOU LIVE NEAR AUSTIN...I will be painting the sunrise at our old farm on this Saturday, Nov. 1. I'm doing a demo hosted by Plein Air Austin, a great group of painters that are dedicated to "getting out". Directions to the farm are on their web site. I will start just before sunrise at about 7:30. EVERYONE is invited and it's free for PAA members, $5 for visitors. Funds go to PAA. I LOVE to paint the farm, and morning is my favorite time there...I think I will do a "larger than usual" canvas...maybe :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rusty_6x8 oil

"Rusty"___ 6x8 WET oil on linen____$180 for the first to ask!
Near our farm was another little farm where this horse, Rusty grazed. We have been gone from there EXACTLY ONE YEAR on Saturday! And to "celebrate", I am doing a painting demo AT THE FARM on Saturday. Plein Air Austin is hosting the demonstration, and directions are on their web site.
This is a sunrise demo, and I will be there a little after 7 am to set up and will start at 7:20 or so...hopefully there will be an interesting sunrise, but I will bring a few of the paintings I did for my "Last Year on the Farm" exhibit....just in case. ALL are welcome! There is a $5 fee to PAA for anyone who is not a member of the group. Bring your gear and paint along!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Drive By Sandia

"Drive By Sandia"____6x8 oil on linen panel___SOLD at Act I Gallery, Taos
Did I mention that I am now represented by one of the finest galleries in New Mexico.
Act I Gallery in Taos, has my work, now and just sold this one. It's one of my FAVORITE "drive-by" paintings, and one I have a big canvas set aside for. I often use the plein air studies as reference for the big ones. Every stroke in plein air is a MEMORY of the day, and is BETTER reference than even a photo.
So THANK YOU to Anita and Dory out in Taos. Wish I was there to see those cottonwoods drop the rest of their leaves! ...oh, and THANK YOU, Irma!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lion Lesson

"Lion Lesson- Shapes of colors"___Design markers on bristol paper
Just for fun I am posting this class demo from the High School class I teach at Round Rock Christian Academy. We first learned how to "see" the shapes of values...and now the shapes of colors. It's a way to break down a subject to simpler forms. So these colors are nothing more than flat's not a "great demo", but gets the point across! I really LOVE what the kids are doing, too.....they will start their rodeo contest pieces this week!
HELLO! to my new friends I met in Waxahachie yesterday at the Texas Country Reporter Festival! It was great to see Bob Phillips and Dan Stricklin, again! What a team...and what a great party they throw each year!!! I WILL go back next year ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Early Thirst_6x6_ V....Vaughan

"Early Thirst"___6x6 oil on canvas panel___$ 120 if you ask for it first ($10 to ship)
This one and the one yesterday were painted from sketches and from memory as I drove from Taos to Albuquerque a few weeks ago. I had been doing some business with "my" gallery in Taos. Act I Gallery represents my work there, now. CLICK to see what they have!I am VERY honored to have such fine people behind me there in Northern New Mexico. Taos is my favorite place in New Mexico...right near the heart of the most beautiful parts of the state. There are some fabulous galleries there and many of my favorite artists live there, including a special mentor to many, Ray Vinella. If you have never been to Taos, PLAN TO GO THERE! It's great ANY time of the year. My husband and I skied there first, as rookie skiers, before we understood what steep means to skiing! Every place else is EASY skiing, after Taos!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Morning Meal_4 x 4.75_ V....Vaughan

"Morning Meal"___4 x 4.75 oil on canvas panel____$120 to the first to ask!
Here's a juicy little painting that might take a few days to dry! I should have done an auction, since a wait will be needed before I can ship it. The paint is so thick :) It has been a golden fall, and FINALLY cool here in central Texas. Great time of year to enjoy family and football games (my son's Dragons won tonight!)...AND outdoor fall festivals! Join me in Waxahachie, TX on Saturday at the Texas Country Reporter Festival. I will be there on the courthouse square. I forget the booth number :(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Calvert Sunrise 2___6 x 8 ____ V....Vaughan

"Calvert Sunrise 2"___6 x 8 oil on linen panel___v....vaughan __ $150 to the first to ask!
e-mail me
Saturday's sunrise in Calvert, TX yielded two small paintings, both of which show the great color and atmosphere of the morning. See yesterday's post on my BLOG. Below is a shot at the easel and a few folks in the group...thanks for the pics, Charles!
The thing that caused the "ahhHA!" in this painting, was the scene itself! Someone in the group noticed the REFLECTION of the sunlight on THE GRASS! It helped that the grass was really damp from the dewy fog, causing reflection, but even dry grass would reflect the sunlight when it's this intense!
HEY TO FRIENDS IN the DFW area! THIS Saturday, Oct. 25 in Waxahachie is the Texas Country Reporter Festival! It features great food and music and some special guests (like me!). I will have a booth full of selections from "Last Year on the Farm", and a few other surprises! Please come see me on the courthouse square!
Have you checked the paintings on my son's project web auction site, Texas Louvre? Bargains will be there for just about 2 more weeks. I am adding a few more there tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Calvert Sunrise 1 __6 x 8

"Calvert Sunrise 1"____6 x 8 oil on linen____$150 to the first who asks!

On Saturday morning 11 others joined me before the break of day, in Calvert, TX for a one day workshop (see me at sunrise, below!) . This was my "warm-up" painting. A "get to know you" demo, that I like to do to start my workshops. The early session is always optional ( but I give an A+ to anyone who comes! ha!). I aim to finish it before it gets light enough for anyone to really "see" it!
The beauty of this spot was that it was low and there was some light fog. Halfway through the painting, all the cows in this pasture trotted in front of us, in silhouette, and moved to the pasture to our left. It made for some beautiful photos for the group. I hope they will paint from the pics they got! ...I like my little one above well enough to think about doing a big one....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Downtown Calvert_WORKSHOP news

"Downtown Calvert, Texas"__8x10___ $350 unframed__CLICK TO SEE BRUSHWORK
Saturday was a workshop day. My first in Calvert, Texas. Calvert is a neat old Victorian town on HWY 6 , between Waco and College Station/Bryan. It's not a ghost town, but each of these old buildings houses restaurants, shops and galleries. We met at Sonny Moss' Pottery gallery (beautiful work, Sonny! I love the piece I bought!), and chilled out after several hours in the field, starting at sunrise. I had a WONDERFUL and FUN group of 11 guys and gals...good painters ALL! This was a very strong group of "draw-ers", so I almost put them to sleep with a lesson on perspective. Part of the sleepiness was that we were reclined all over Sonny's sofas, and it was after a hearty meal at The Wooden Spoon, which is the yellow building in my painting above. I painted this one after our afternoon siesta....more about all that tomorrow!
Remember to check Tanner's auctions on The Texas Louvre today! Only two weeks to get great small paintings for micro prices! Help a college kid's project! See the galleries to "buy it now" BEFORE the works go to auction.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Texas Louvre Auction #1___click to see two others

"Chicken Clinic__a first auction for Texas Louvre"_____but wait till you see the others! CLICK
Many of you have seen the daily painters and some of their great works...Well, sometimes these small works, real GEMS!, get overlooked and go unsold! My oldest son, Tanner, in his last semester at Mary Hardin-Baylor, with a degree in Marketing, has a class project where the prof gave each group $20 and the objective is to earn as much as possible in 3 weeks with this seed money. His group has put up a web site of daily paintings, called "Texas Louvre"! With his "connections" he found three of the best daily painters who have a few unclaimed gems, and he created a web site to auction these 15 or so AMAZING PRICES!!!
THANKS TO ROBIN CHEERS and TOM BROWN!! What a couple of gamers, agreeing to put in a few GREAT paintings to help out! YOU JUST GOTTA SEE their wonderful small works, which they are sharing with "Texas Louvre".
My first post to "...Louvre" is my Gadsden Chicken Clinic" ...this one is BIG, 16 x 12, and I HOPE someone claims it for this WAY LOW hope is to help "jump start" these few auctions, and help the kids win :) Be sure to check out the gallery part to preview upcoming auctions which you can "buy now" (before others see the auctions!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Three at Last

"Three At Last" Last Year on the Farm, from the last week there___Available
A year ago this week, I was preparing to greet visitors to view my "Last Year on the Farm" exhibit, RIGHT THERE on the farm where the works were paintied...Since then, The exhibit has been all over the country and has stirred up a lot of interest in my work and vanishing American farms...I am continuing my "story" wiith a project that will take me to farm places in other parts of America....I'll keep the letest news here on my BLOG, so please stay tuned!
What I remember MOST about my farm reception last year on Octber 20, 2007, was the MANY MANY people who came and strolled around the farm to see the views they enjoyed in the paintings. There seemed to be a quiet, respectful reverence from these friends and I will ALWAYS cherish that...If you were there, I would LOVE it if you would put a comment on today's post!
I'll be gone teaching in Calvert, TX this weekend...but will look for your comments! Click the comment link below this post

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Copied Sky

"Copied Sky" from Last Year on the Farm 10-14-2007_____available
Today, Oct. 14, 2008, looked EXACTLY like this sky which I painted EXACTLY a year ago, during my last week on the, time flies! I remembered painting this...and all you painters can testify: when you paint "en plein air", something happens that sharpens your memory. You will remember the temperature, the sights and sounds of the day and even the barometric pressure! ...well, almost... Plein air painting WILL HELP YOUR STUDIO WORK....guaranteed!
This Saturday Oct. 18 in Calvert, TX, I will be teaching a small group of about 10 artists all about plein air painting. There is still room for a few more artists! It promises to be a cool morning, full of Kolaches and great painting adventures outside...we have a backup plan inside Sonny Moss' pottery studio (yes, Sonny, I am bringing my wallet!), so come paint with us! e-mail me for details:

Monday, October 13, 2008

First Flush of Fall_see July 25, 2008 version

"First Flush of Fall"_____8 x 10____Available at Act I Gallery, Taos, NM
If you look back at my archives from July 25, 2008, you will see this painting on the day I started it, as a demo in a workshop in Austin. There were a few compositional problems, which I corrected for this final version of the painting. It's fun to compare the paintings and see the difference!
THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 18 is an ALL DAY workshop in Calvert, TX. E-mail me if you'd like to come! It will be a fun, full day, and I give LOTS of

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dock Watch

"Dock Watch"___6x8 Oil on Linen_______$90 RV birthday discount
We traveled to College Station today, to spend the day with my Father-in-Law on his birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RV!! RV stands for "Roy Vaughan", who is one of the MAIN reasons why I am a painter, today. It was RV who introduced me to Ray Vinella and Kevin MacPherson, who both pulled me along to be a better painter. RV also created all my plein air gear, outfitting me to take on the great outdoors.
So I painted a couple for RV, today and he picked...the other one! This one is his golden retriever, Chili, on watch on the dock at RV's favorite pond in his front can have it if you want it
Next Saturday, I will be teaching in Calvert, TX. Please think about joining us for a FULL DAY outside, starting with a sunrise demo and a Chicken Clinic. contact Cecilia for info, or email me!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, also to my neices, Shanna, Shala, and Lexi, who are NOT triplets, but are from three different families! You know I have a big family when there are FOUR overlapping birthdays!

Friday, October 10, 2008

By the Pines

"By the Pines"____5 x 7 Oil on canvas panel___$90
Here's a little one made with palette droppings like yesterday's...It was done from memopry, after that drive to Albuquerque that I described yesterday. It's juicy and was a lot of fun for me to paint the horse with the last of the light on his back, filtering through the pines.
It looks like the Calvert workshop is filling pretty fast, here at the end. Please let me know if you want to come!. It's next Saturday, Oct 18 all day!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Cool Place____Click to Enlarge

"A Cool Place"_______4 x 8 oil on linen panel______$150
I spent a little time in Colorado and Northern New Mexico last week and fall was everywhere!...ALMOST....I really enjoyed seeing fall color high on the mountains just about everywhere, but it had not gotten really golden yet, down in the valleys. This little one was painted from memory after a beautiful drive on a stretch of road between Taos and Albuquerque, running beside the Rio Grande . I wondered how long it would take me to get to Texas if I floated the river instead of the highway!
*I call this kind of painting a "palette dropping" painting, because I use the gunk from my palette for all the texture.
Join me at a workshop to learn how to do this!
My next one is a one day workshop in Calvert, TX, on October 18. This is Saturday. E-mail if you'd like to come

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October Gold__Click to see it big

"October Gold - 10-11-2007 Last Year"_______________Sold, but click to see it big, anyway!
I just had to post this one, even though it is sold. The sunset looked exactly like this a couple of days ago, and I remembered painting this one exactly a year ago.
Our first year away from the farm has been a very LONG one...but what I remember MOST about this date,
Oct. 8 is the death of my brother in law, Doug Strauss. He was married to my sister, Sam, and got sick with MS shortly after they were married. She loved him and took great care of him, even when he got too sick to talk or walk and could offer her nothing....I heard that true love is what you "DO", not what you"feel"...Sam loved Doug like this and became my hero, but was suddenly killed in a plane crash, so she left Doug to ME!...and my family. My kids and I took care of Doug till he died two years after Sam. These were tough years, but some of the best years of my life...when things were boiled down to the simplest elements. We got to see Who was really there for us in hard times and who wasn't ;)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Heavy Sky_Click to see all 365

Heavy Sky Last Year on the Farm_10-9-2007______avilable
A cold front came thru last night, bringing some rain for our thirsty grass! It reminded me of this day last year....I miss the farm....
As I prepare the "sold" paintings from "Last Year on the Farm", I have helpers copying all the literature for the packets that will be delivered with the paintings, Each painting comes with a "history" of where it has traveled and what people have said about it. This adds to the value of the painting, for sure! I also am still adding to the packet, as new interest is surfacing each week. This week I gave another magazine interview...when I have publication details I will share. ..what I am enjoying MOST from the farm paintings is that right now, I am painting bigger compositions from the smaller studies. I will post some of those very soon, before I ship them off to shows and get to see them FIRST!
*WORKSHOP DAY, October 18 in Calvert, TX for details

Monday, October 06, 2008

Before it Got Too Cold_10-07-2006

"Before it Got Too Cold" from Last Year on the Farm, 10-7-2006___available
This is one of the very few verticals in the series. Just a few months before the cows got sold off during our "Last Year on the Farm", the cows headed for the feed troughs. It was a very chilly fall and bitter cold winter, and some of the cows died in the cold. This was the part of farm life that saddened me the most.
The museum shows are done, and the "...Farm" art might never hang together again. We are in the process of preparing the works which have sold to ship them to their permanent homes. I have been looking for an "official form" for the collectors to fill out that will let us "register" the paintings in this series, in case a great museum ever wants to gather them once again for a retrospective. If you know of such a form or process, please let me know!
OCT. 18 is a Saturday Workshop day in Calvert, TX. Let me know if you'dlike to come paint and learn what I know...all I know only takes about a day to learn! haha

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Little Boat House_click to enlarge

"Little Boat House"___ 6 x 8___Oil on linen panel, a study___$150

Yesterday morning I went out with Plein Air Austin and painted with the gang near Westlake Beach in Austin. This little boat house was going to be my warm-up painting, but it ended up being my ONLY painting. It was a good day to be at the lake!....Later I went out to the Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, TX for the opening reception of the Collectors Classic, one of their annual fund raising exhibits. I enjoyed meeting some great artists who I have wanted to meet for a while, and meeting some collectors who bought my works! Yesterday was a great art day!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

White Cows on Hillside_click to see Last Year on the Farm

"White Cows on Hillside Last Year on the Farm, 10-24-2007"_available now _click image to see large version
It's time to get your piece of the farm! RIght now we are preparing packets to accompany the paintings. The packets have samples of all the magazine and newspaper articles and museum promotions from each exhibit. It includes other stuff to help document the travels and importance of the group of works called "Last Year on the Farm". Lots of great paintings are still available for purchase...see them at and let me know if you want one!
ONE DAY WORKSHOP, OCT. 18 ...come paint with me in Calvert,TX...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In the October Light

"In the October Light- Last Year on the Farm 10-12-2007"___6x8, NOW AVAILABLE
I painted "Last Year on the Farm", and, now that the museum shows are over, all the unclaimed paintings are AVAILABLE for purchase! these are special, small little gems, and their value will ONLY INCREASE. You may shop online! See the entire exhibit at We are shipping them in time for Christmas, and each painting comes with a packet of documentation from the museum shows, making your painting part of a BIG WHOLE...this is unique and adds to the value of the work.
There will be a few events featuring the available farm paintings. Watch for your invitation!
And here is an invitation to anyone who would like to take a class from me! Workshop info below. ALL SKILL LEVELS welcome....

Saturday, October 18 - Workshop day in Calvert, TX. All abilities welcome. We can carpool from Austin, if you contact me

THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 4 is the Collectors Classic at the Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, TX. If you are in Central Texas this weekend, please come to this event and say hello! Some great art and artists will be on hand. On the way there, stop by Whistle Pik in Fredericksburg to see my friend Denise Mahlke's show, too.