Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harbor Life

Harbor Life__20 x 60 oil on linen___For Rockport Art Festival this weekend (click to enlarge)
I posted "state one" of this large work a few months ago. Click to see the first version, but you will be hard pressed to see any big changes. I just added a few nondescript birds... I have been saving it to show at the Rockport Art Festival, in Rockport Texas this weekend. Of course, I like to show my blog friends my works FIRST, and to give you the chance to purchase it first, too. SO, if you need a BIG BIG piece of art let me know quick, because I will show this one as my "flagship" piece over the weekend....I hope to see you there! It looks a LOT BETTER in "real life!
Speaking of "life", I thought you 'd like to see our little "Johnson" who is now our BIG BOY, since the Good Dane Romeo passed away a few weeks ago....Romeo used to put a ball like this under his tongue!...check out the ear!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cottonwood Chill

Cottonwood Chill___20x16 oil on linen__for Passing America: The Great Plains__$1700 unframed
With Summer here and temperatures in the 100's every day, we can only DREAM of fall! Somehow, though, "dreaming" is a good tool for the artist! ...

I remember being young and BEGGING my parents for a horse! My friends had horses and we lived neat a stable where they were kept. Every day after school and all summer long I would hang out at the stables, brushing the horses, cleaning the stalls (YES, I LOVED doing that!...ANYTHING to be around the horses...I even loved the smells! tom-boys know exactly what I mean!). friend Betty Sue would often let me watch her horse Ginger when she was out of town. This was the best of all worlds! I got to spend every moment with Ginger, and I would take her down to a far pasture to ride bareback, to halter her up to a tree and sketch her for hours. Her eyes told me that she loved me better than Betty Sue...(dreaming, remember?). My favorite thing was riding her into the deeper waters of Walnut Creek, and she would swim across with me holding onto her mane...Walnut Creek was cool because it was spring-fed, so this was a great summertime treat!....I never got my own horse as a kid, but DREAMING about them , I think, made me a better artist! I can draw a horse now, from memory, at ANY angle....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

BIG Gathering_ Crossing Kansas

BIG Gathering _ Crossing Kansas _24x30 oil on linen__for Passing America: The Great Plains
I am probably not finished with this one, is a large one for my plains exhibit in the fall. A few weeks ago, I posted the study for this one. It was called "Gathering for Kansas" link to see it and compare. The study was a "drive-by" painting, created on the move as we went past the little farm where these cows were crossing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

High Plains Gathering

High Plains Gathering-state 2 ___24x24 oil on linen___for Passing America:The Great Plains
A few days ago I taught a one day workshop in Smithville, TX. THe group had worked with me a month earlier, and I gave "homework" for them to "START" a few canvases. TTHis time, I showed how to work up one of their "starts" to a larger canvas. The version below was state one of a large canvas I worked up from the small. This demo took about an hour (not counting my talking time....plenty of that!!!). The idea was to lay down the largest, simplest shapes of color. State two, above is the next step....I see things that I need to refine, before calling it DONE. This one is posted especially for the "gang" in Smithville....would love to know your comments and what you think I will probably do to call it "done" :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Demo Before Morning

Demo Before Morning__6x8 oil on linen__$190
While posting this I got to thinking...I am not sure anyone in the workshop even saw it! The day was still darkish when I finished and everyone was already well into their own works. (I love that point in a workshop when the artists are suddenly brave and taking on the problems without "needing" me to get started!) We all got to the location VERY early...about a half hour before sunrise. According to NASA, this is called "twilight". I use their site to determine sun and moon phases ANYwhere I travel. This helps with workshops to schedule sunrise/sunset times...check out the site)...There will be another multi-day workshop in Fredericksburg this year. Sometime in Late Oct-Nov...stay tuned!
...And a word to my Smithville group: I looked at the noun today, and have decided the verb was MUCH BETTER....Y'all know what I mean...and so do my Fredericksburg friends. I will "post and tell" tomorrow!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunrise Scape

Sunrise Scape__6x8 oil on linen panel___$190
Another demo from the Fredericksburg workshop.

We arrived on locations at 6 am for our morning paintouts. This one was at the home of Bill and Nancy Bush and it was downright CHILLY that morning. We all reminded each other that later in the day we would WISH it was so cool....our afternoon temps topped out at over 100!

We painted all week with a limited palette of just FOUR paint colors, and the goal was to see the spectrum in each scene. The sun was just above the horizon when I painted this, so the spectrum was in the sky and not on the land, yet.....

To my class: I DID a few "oil changes" on this one when I got home, and I stayed true to the palette...Can y'all see the refining of shapes?...and the addition of the "pure color" we talked about?...I miss y'all!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Uptown Luckenbach

Feed Mill -Uptown Luckenbach, TX__8x10 oil on linen___Available soon
Here is a demo from the workshop this week. This feedmill is owned by Monroe Behrens who is, himself a creative artist and craftsman. He calls his place "Uptown Luckenbach". THis was my favorite place all week.....I just loved all the activity and equipment, with goats in the front yard and farm fields behind. We saw the moonrise here and marveled at the full spectrum in the light at sunset....I spent 45 minutes on this study, and plan to push and pull some things before selling it....

Warm Texas Morning

Warm Texas Morning__6x8 oil on linen___sold
I miss my new friends today!
We had a full class of artists painting together in Fredericksburg, TX for the past three days! I should have blogged this last night, but I have been "recovering"...whew!
This was a plein air workshop, and I am sure there is a special place in heaven for anyone who will brave 100+ degree heat to paint in the great outdoors...It was also a time to focus on the "extreme light" ends of the day, so we worked from dawn to dark. The little one above was a demo yesterday morning, not long after sunrise...the clouds teased us each morning, but there is no such thing as rain!
We painted in some great locations, including a winery, a feed mill, and a pioneer farm.
I kept expecting to hear complaints (like at the feed mill when trucks would whiz by on the dirt, stirring up gritty clouds that wafted onto us! The "lowlight" of my week...I HATED it, but kept quiet for the sake of my painter friends :)
I look forward to teaching in Fredericksburg later in the year. Stay tuned!
THIS Saturday, the 18th, I teach a one-day session in Smithville. It might be full, but if interested, please call me 512.917.0814

Sunday, June 12, 2011

THe Way of the Farmer

The Way of the Farmer____16 x 20 oil on linen for On the Way exhibit in Austin at Hill Country Bible Church AND
for Passing America: The Great Plains in October at the Great Plains Art Museum at the University of Nebraska

This was painted from a photo I took at the farm a few years ago, while Aunt Nancy, the farmer, drove past my studio window. I have ALWAYS planned to paint it, and! It will be on exhibit at Hill Country for a while, then I will FINISH the painting for my Great Plains solo show....Yes, it is not finished. THIS PART is, but I will add a few IMPORTANT things before I will call it "done"....can you guess?

When I am at the easel, I do not FULLY appreciate what I am doing. You artists understand what I mean...
While DOING it, you are in "one zone" which I call "the VERB - painting"....
LATER the artwork becomes a "NOUN"-(THE painting). Today I looked at the Romeo I posted yesterday, with LOOKS like him exactly.
I posted this link once before, but here again is my FAVORITE thought on's fun, and MEANINGFUL! When you play it, PLEASE think of your favorite dog :) And Be blessed

Some of you will see me at sunrise!!! ...or so! See you at the workshop!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Romeo's Last Thunder

Romeo's Last Thunder_____Pastel pencils on archival paper_____Family Collection
Our beloved "Good Dane", Romeo died on Thursday....He has been in our family since he was a baby, given to my oldest son as a Christmas gift. Of course, when the son went away to college, I claimed Romeo....He truly was a gentle giant who made a great impact on all who net him...I have spent the past few days moping and missing him....terribly.
I got to hold him in my arms when he went "away", but I made sure not to cry till he was gone. He was brave, and gentle and a lot of fun, even just a few days ago!...I sketched this today, from one of his last photos. He was looking out the window, a little bit nervous that there was distant thunder in the area...he never liked thunder....

***My Workshop next week in Fredericksburg is FULL...THANK YOU to all who signed up...For those of you on the waiting list, we will do it again in the fall! More details to come!
***There might be a spot or two in the Saturday workshop in Smithville...

Monday, June 06, 2011

While the Sun Shines___12 x 12 oil on Gallery Wrap canvas___for Passing America (and "on the way")

This painting actually "lines up" to make a nice grouping with the painting I posted the other day, called
"On The Way"...if you get my e-mail, I attached them side by side for the group to see...
Both these paintings are inspired by our old farm..that's Nancy driving the tractor...She was the FARMER on our farm for the last 10-15 years we were IMPRESSIVE woman, and my husband's aunt. She trains horses, rides rodeos (was in the NFR in the mid 1980's), and LOVES THE LAND...Nancy doesn't know it, yet, but she will be in a number of these larger works I am preparing for my solo museum show in October (Great Plains Art Museum)....I will pick the best one for her and make a nice canvas print for her house :)
If you have been itching, it might be the summer no see-ums, but I bet it is that you are itching to paint! Come to a workshop! Mine are short, and intense and LOTS of fun...see below

*** SUMMER PAINTING WORKSHOPS...we have room for just a few more!
June 13-15 2011
Fredericksburg Artists School
Plein Air Color – Capturing the Impression Quickly ...or Painting and Sketching, Every Day (…and what to do with all those field studies!) for info and to register...hurry, it's almost full!

June 18- A one-day workshop, Smithville, TX... GREAT for beginners or "rusty" artists. Learn how to manage oil paints and the basics of painting quickly and impressionistically.

Oct 8-10
Workshop at Bone Creek, David City, NE conjunction with the opening of my solo show

Friday, June 03, 2011

Life on the Lake

Life on the Lake__10 x 12 oil on linen panel___sold
I wish this was MY lake, but it's a special place for my cousin, Jeff and his wife, Tricia... Here is what Tricia says about the place!
"This is my aunt and uncles cabin in Emily, Minnesota on Rogers Lake..... we always have a blast when we're there. My aunt and uncle call it "The Sweet Spot" It's a small, quiet, clean lake with a lot of wildlife. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the dock and watch the eagle and her babies that have a nest real near by. Jeff actually rests while we're up there too, which he's not very good at doing at home."

*** SUMMER PAINTING WORKSHOPS...we have room for just a few more!
June 13-15 2011
Fredericksburg Artists School
Plein Air Color – Capturing the Impression Quickly ...or Painting and Sketching, Every Day (…and what to do with all those field studies!) for info and to register...hurry, it's almost full!

June 18- A one-day workshop, Smithville, TX... GREAT for beginners or "rusty" artists. Learn how to manage oil paints and the basics of painting quickly and impressionistically.

Oct 8-10
Workshop at Bone Creek, David City, NE conjunction with the opening of my solo show

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lying Bull

Lying Bull___6x6 oil on canvas panel_____$190 when it dries (click image to see details)

See that expression??? ....Nuff said!