Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Cody     11 x 14 oil on linen   A Christmas Commission - SOLD

I wrote this note to a friend today....I don't share this sort of thing too often on my blog posts, but mainly just "art". There's more of that ahead, but for now, HAPPY 2015!

It can be lonely after the holiday "attention". Attention we GIVE to "planning" and "details"...attention that we GET from friends, family... Heck, even the retailers give us "attention", calling our name to make us feel special this time of year!!! 
That's some kind of attention!! 
I'm alone today and I think God brought to mind my "alone" friends. There's something very sweet about His presence in quiet stillness. He never leaves us...unchanging. Jesus has a sweet way of entering those moments...on purpose... And covering us with reminders of His faithful, steadfast presence. God often uses my lonely heart to fill up with Himself. What can be better than that? Thank you for your prayers for my family in 2014. May I order more of the same for 2015?
I look forward to getting to know YOU better in 2015!

Monday, December 29, 2014


"Kooper"__10x8__a Christmas commission___SOLD

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I'M SSSOOOO SORRY that my replies are going to EVERYONE!!!
I LOVE to hear from everyone, but I certainly HATE to annoy y'all by having all my chatter appear in your inbox. If you are my facebook friend, you saw Kooper last week.
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This little oil was for my friends Tiffany and Kim.
Happy New Year to everyone!
Are you planning to paint this year? How about sketching?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Little Light

A Little Light___a little Texas December Sunrise, 4x6 on canvas___$150

I left off with this blog sometime in May!
If you are connected with me on Facebook (Virginia Pedro Vaughan) or Instagram (@vvaughan8) or

 Twitter (@vvaughan8), then you have seen this...and some other art posts.
I can't wait to show and tell some recent art and news! For now, I just want to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Y'ALL!!
Are you surprised to see a post from me?
I would love to hear a "hi" back from EVERYONE!!!! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Hard Way

The Hard Way_____24x24 oil___ Phippen Museum Western Art Show
The Hard Way needs to be seen up close! Zoom in and you can see some texture there! I'll have this painting at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show in Prescott, AZ over Memorial Day Weekend. PLEASE com e see me! Below is a funny story while I painted it.
YESTERDAY and below
I posted info about a special workshop coming up in June. CLICK HERE to see that.
I had just finished the detail on the horse's eye, and went to get a drink, but when I came back to the easel, there were smudgies all over the area I had worked! Sometimes my little finger steadies my hand while I paint, and I "step" into the painted area with it, but these smudges were too high....I was mad! Someone came in and slapped around my wet paint!!
see culprit below

 ...dang moth

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello Workshop!

Robin on the left....V....on the right
What better way to jump back into life than to gather a bunch of friends together and PAINT!
Let me know if you would like to join me and Robin Cheers
Robin is an amazing painter of Contemporary Life, specializing figures busy at "LIFE"...
We paint together a lot...usually at Joel's Coffee House, where we START most of our paintings.
Our first workshop EVER will be all about how we start our works, and teaching TWO WAYS to approach places where "LINE MEETS LIGHT"
email me to sign up