Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coffee Shop Sketch

Coffee Shop Sketch___14 x 11 watercolor pencil on paper___$75 includes shipping
Every week I meet up with an artist friend and we go to a coffee shop or a tea room to just "talk shop"... Last week we had some art supplies in our purses, so we whipped them out and scribbled out some sketches. My little watercolor above is the young woman who sat by the window working on her laptop. Go look at the work of my friend, Robin Cheers!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chicken Clinic

Chicken Clinic Demo__Detail___8x10 oil on canvas___$70 includes shipping
If you have followed my art awhile you have seen my "Chicken Clinic"...It is a simple art lesson that I have done for YEARS at many workshops across the country. In just an hour, ANYONE can learn all about the unique properties and methods of oil painting, and end up with a nice CHICKEN original painting! ...when my 3 kids were little, the 2 boys came to a workshop (art camp!) and even the little one painted a chicken. I have a "family exhibit" of these "chickens" (really, Roosters!) in my kitchen. My oldest daughter, for some reason, never came to camp, and it has always bugged me that she is not represented in the family exhibit!
SO! She and her roommate thought it would be cool to have a few friends over for a little fun and art...It was a GREAT GATHERING of a bunch of young-urban-professionals last night!!! Our special guests were some REAL CHICKENS and a handfull of chicks! (and with this group, that is just one of the puns spouted off all evening!!) Here is the result of a fun time!!
Please see my updated schedule for upcoming workshops.

A gallery of Chickens!

A handfull of pretty chicks

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sketch of M.C.

Sketch of M.C.___a lesson on values
Each week my art students have sketches to do on their own. I usually take THEIR sketchbook and do a demo so they can see what it is I am looking for.
This one is about CONTAINING the shape of the values...(that is, the light areas and dark areas on a face)...contain by outlining the shape of the value, whether it be a shadow or a highlight....If you can see a shape, and get its size and proportion "right" in relation to the shapes around it, you can draw a pretty good likeness, and do it fairly quickly!...I am not sure these high school students believe me, so I show them! This one is M.C.....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Famous Otto

Amy and Otto___10 x 8 commission____SOLD
A few years ago, I painted this dog, Otto, with his owner. (see first painting below)
Over the Holidays, this owner, Kathy, contacted me to see if I could do another painting of her little sister, who is now bonded with Otto. Amy has Down Syndrome, and is full of life and love for Otto! Apparently Amy and Otto have a sweet and special relationship, and Kathy wanted to honor Amy with a similar painting...
There is nothing like the love of a big sister (ask ME!...I have SIX older siblings!!!)
...and there is really nothing like the friendship of a special dog!...now is a good time to send this link to all dog lovers ...watch it in a quiet, thoughtful place, and allow yourself to THINK about the words...

Otto and Kathy____10 x 8___sold

Monday, January 23, 2012


Sketch - Samantha in Class_____not for sale
I keep nagging my students to put a BOUNDARY on those values...it's the BEST way to do that "shading", and if taken to a careful extreme, you can get a better likeness this way! The "boundaries" of values have a shape, a proportion, and a relationship with the other shapes, and if done well, you actually get a likeness!....
Hard to explain in words, but I can SHOW YOU if you come to a workshop! hahaha!
I just updated my schedule with another workshop in September. Go see my schedule!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Duke-ish___18 x 12 watercolorpencil with wash____$100
This month in art class (I teach a few high school art classes in Austin at Hyde Park), the students are doing watercolor works, so I will post a few more of my class demos.
I learn BEST by WATCHING, so I assume these students do, too...thus, my classes consist of a lot of demos. I do them quickly, because there are also many who learn BEST by DOING, and they want to get on with the assignment!
Which way do YOU learn best???
THis was a quick sketch from a photo, and everyone said it resembled John Wayne, so I call it "Duke-ish" in his honor!
I hope you will see my updated SCHEDULE...please come to one of these events if you are in the area...all are somewhere between South Carolina and Arizona and Montana! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Watercolorpencil Ponies

Watercolorpencil Ponies___12 x 18 sketch on paper___$190
I am teaching my high school classes about quick sketching and this week we are using watercolor...here is my class demo with watercolor pencils...
Next week I will do a demo in oils for the Austin Palette Club...and I have a whole bunch of things coming up soon....SEE MY UPDATED SCHEDULE! ...and please let me know if you can come to any of the events!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Laura's Place

Laura's Place___8x10 oil on linen panel___commission / SOLD
I enjoy painting commissions...especially when the patron says "do it your way!"
I did not have to change much for Laura's Place...only leaving out the swingset and a few house-tops in the distance....Having a "deadline" brings me back to my years as a "commercial artist"...years that I really enjoyed!
I have just added a few teaching dates to my calendar (not posted, yet...but SOON!), and a new show in Montana...I will put all the info on my website, but FIRST it is time for me to deliver all the sold works from Passing America....
If you purchased one of these, watch for an e-mail from me!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Bird___9x12 oil on linen___sold
I loved hearing from many friends who missed my blog/posts...THANK YOU!
Here is another dog painting I couldn't post till after the Holidays...just in case...since it was commissioned as a gift. The dog is named BIRD..a sweet name!
This one was ALMOST a problem, as I received photos of a DIFFERENT dog, at the same time, and BOTH DOGS looked nearly IDENTICAL. The other dog, Otto, is on the easel...maybe I will post it soon. Bladen (who I posted Friday) was also very similar in color to this, and I have almost sworn off painting black dogs with brown points for awhile!!!
Happy New Year!
I have some demos, workshops and show events to tell about, so please stay tuned!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Bladen_____12x9 oil on linen______sold
Bladen is the beloved friend of a friend, commissioned by a friend!
Knowing that Bladen is very sick made me really enjoy painting this one-a Christmas commission for D.W. to give to J.P....I waited to post it, just in case J.W was looking at my blog!
I have MISSED the regular posting and visiting with my blog-friends, and apologize for being "quiet" for a whole month. This is the longest break I have had since starting to blog about 5 years ago!
Did you enjoy the break from my art???...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!