Friday, January 20, 2012


Duke-ish___18 x 12 watercolorpencil with wash____$100
This month in art class (I teach a few high school art classes in Austin at Hyde Park), the students are doing watercolor works, so I will post a few more of my class demos.
I learn BEST by WATCHING, so I assume these students do, too...thus, my classes consist of a lot of demos. I do them quickly, because there are also many who learn BEST by DOING, and they want to get on with the assignment!
Which way do YOU learn best???
THis was a quick sketch from a photo, and everyone said it resembled John Wayne, so I call it "Duke-ish" in his honor!
I hope you will see my updated SCHEDULE...please come to one of these events if you are in the area...all are somewhere between South Carolina and Arizona and Montana! :)

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