Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chicken Clinic

Chicken Clinic Demo__Detail___8x10 oil on canvas___$70 includes shipping
If you have followed my art awhile you have seen my "Chicken Clinic"...It is a simple art lesson that I have done for YEARS at many workshops across the country. In just an hour, ANYONE can learn all about the unique properties and methods of oil painting, and end up with a nice CHICKEN original painting! ...when my 3 kids were little, the 2 boys came to a workshop (art camp!) and even the little one painted a chicken. I have a "family exhibit" of these "chickens" (really, Roosters!) in my kitchen. My oldest daughter, for some reason, never came to camp, and it has always bugged me that she is not represented in the family exhibit!
SO! She and her roommate thought it would be cool to have a few friends over for a little fun and art...It was a GREAT GATHERING of a bunch of young-urban-professionals last night!!! Our special guests were some REAL CHICKENS and a handfull of chicks! (and with this group, that is just one of the puns spouted off all evening!!) Here is the result of a fun time!!
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A gallery of Chickens!

A handfull of pretty chicks


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

A FEW friends?
Looks like it was great fun V and now she'll be represented in the gallery.

. said...

A lot of funny chickens!... Best wishes.

Norman Engel said...

I say I say son....I aint no chicken....(Foghorn Leghorn)
I love you chicken!