Sunday, November 30, 2008

Parmer and the Cub_9x12

"Parmer and the Cub"___9x12 Pencil on Archival paper___$100 includes shipping for Christmas!
You might need to live near Austin, TX to really appreciate the title of this one.....Austin started growing really close to our farm - BIG ROADS and tollways were put in right next to our property. Parmer Lane was put adjacent to the farm, and in the front yard of our Aunt Nancy. One day she and Bobby found this little beagle mix wandering along Parmer Lane. They "saved" him, and named him after the road. He has ridden alongside them in the pick-up and tractors (or on a hay bale in the Cub Cadet!)ever since! They no longer work our old farm, but have moved to the next county and their other farm...bringing their OWN Parmer with them.
Please look at my workshop schedule for 2009. I have 1 day, 3 day and 4 day workshops, and LOTS of REALLY good instruction planned. We will "Paint Fast", learn "What to do with All those Studies", have Chicken Clinics, and MOST workshops will include moonlight paintings!
Come to one if you can!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

September 30 for Pete

"September 30 for Pete"_____6 x 8 oil on canvas panel___sold to Pete
Well, I waited too long to photograph this one today...lost all my sunlight and had to photograph it in my studio...yuk...bad photo....The painting is one I did for a man who works near our farm, selling real estate near Manor! He purchased paintings from my "Last Year on the Farm" series, and did something really special! He bought the paintings that were created on the BIRTH DATES for all his family. I had at least one painting for each of his dates, except this one! I guess that on Deptember 30 I did not paint, B U T....I photographed our farm EVERY DAY, and so I had PHOTOS from September 30. Pete asked if I could paint one from my photos, so I said SURE!!! Here it is, and I will deliver his painting (with the other 3 or 4) next week.
If you purchased something from "Last Year on the Farm", you either have your painting by now, or, if you live near Austin, I will be delivering them next week. I will call you before I come! If you haven't seen the "Last Year on the Farm", CLICK HERE and be sure to scroll alll the way around the farm art...enjoy! Many paintings are still available, and are listed as such. They are all small, inexpensive paintings (GREAT GIFTS!) and come with a VERY SPECIAL packet of info. I also did a book about the project which has over 150 images! CONTACT ME if you need more info.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Water Color

"Water Color"____a logo
I am rolling out the commisions this is an illustration I did for a VERY special daughter works for a company who needed an illustration, and she recommended her "favorite" illustrator for the least that's what she told me :) This one is a watercolor painting...I used to paint only in I do mostly oils, so this one was a fun reminder for me!
Please check out my schedule for upcoming events and workshops, and let me know if you'd like to come paint with me some time...the workshops are fun, and I promise you will learn a LOT! I incorporate a lot of drawing info, and share MANY things from my past experiences as a graphic designer/illustrator.
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chicken Clinic Cherry Pie

"Chicken Clinic Cherry Pie"_________Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
If you have ever taken a workshop with me, then you have a "Chicken Clinic" painting, somewhere in your collection! And maybe you wonder "why"??? (There are a lot of lessons learned with a Chicken Clinic, and it all has nothing to do with the Chicken outcome.....)
But HERE IS ONE MORE reason for a chicken clinic! You never know when you will be called upon to make the pies for Thanksgiving dinner. These are my two pies...I make a killer pie crust!
Happy blessed Thanksgiving to all of Y'all! We all today have so MUCH to be thankful for!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A warm Place for Maria_9x12

"A Warm Place"___9 x 12 pencil on archival paper____$85 if you like black Labs!
In my studio, the sun comes through the window and makes the rug warm. Last week the air was cold, so Maria came inside to lay in the sun. I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Please pray for and remember those who might not feel very festive this time of year. I have some seriously hurting friends this night...May God be with you M. and C.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Waterfall on Rough Creek_10 x 4.6 oil on linen

"Waterfall on Rough Creek"__10 x 4.6__$230 if you are the first to ask
This waterfall is just above our place in southern Colorado...I plan a large painting for upcoming show inventories. In fact, For the next few weeks, I will post many of my show "studies" for my blog-mail friends, giving y'all the first shot at them before I frame and put a "show price" on them. Nice art keeps its value (at LEAST) and small ones are great Christmas presents! There is a great gallery in Fredericksburg, TX who has an annual Christmas Miniatures Show. Fabulous art is available by many well-known artists at the Whitle Pik Christmas Miniatures Show. Click here to see my paintings (near the bottom) in this year's show, though they took a few extra ones from me this year, and they have had not put them up, yet...I was not QUITE the last painter to deliver my works to them (today!) :)
...I am THANKFUL for my wonderful family and friends, and THANKSGIVING is my favorite Holiday!!! Have a Happy one!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Kerra

"Kerra"___10 x 8 oil on canvas panel____A commission - sold
I am working on BLACK....I do not have any "black" on my palette, but prefer to mix black with other dark colors...I think it is easier to paint a black animal than to sketch one...probably because there are more varieties of values with color...oh, here I go "teaching"...sometimes it's best to just enjoy LOOKING at the art!
I painted this while my mom watched....I took my gear to the nursing home where she lives , now. We went to the courtyard and I painted Kerra there, from a enjoyed it!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Chulo at Frisk___9 x 12 pencil on archival paper___$85 for the first to ask
Chulo, my daughter's chihuahua-mix is MY DOG, now...I tell my kids that if I have to feed and play with their pets twice in a row, they become MINE....Chuy is playful and persistant, and I did this sketch from life, watching him scoot around, playing with my son....Romeo, the Good Dane, can hold a tennis ball in his mouth and you don't know it's there. I say he puts it under his tongue...Chulo can retrieve it too, but has to snag his tooth between the ball-fuzz to bring it back....Speaking of art (sort of), I have been really working on BLACK. And these black dogs are my lesson plan! I painted a black Kairn Terrier today, and will post it tomorrow.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chulo Pillow

"Chulo Pillow"___9 x 12 pencil on archival paper___$85 includes shipping to wherever!
Chulo only sleeps at night...all day he waits, looking for my daughter to return for him....He is only slightly bigger than Romeo's paw...(the Good Dane), but they get along great, playng all day with Maria, too. Chulo stands on the ottoman, strutting along, looking UP at Romeo from there, even!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Doorway Boy_12x9 pencil

"Doorway Boy" ___12 x 9 pencil on archival paper__ $85 includes shipping!
I drew Romeo in the doorway tonight...was really trying to draw my daughter's little dog, Chulo. But it didn't turn out too great, so I will try tomorrow. Chulo is my first "grandchild", sort of, and when my daughter travels, he stays with us! He's a VERY tiny dog, a chihuahua mix , and very appropriately named!
To all my patient patrons waiting on commissions, I will be in the studio until YOURS is time for your e-mail for word from me that it's on the way...
ALSO, I am delivering the farm paintings in small batches every day. Please look at the web site to see what is still available (plenty of gems!) Let me know if you need a special painting to give for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Night at Rockport_click to enlarge

"Night at Rockport"___12 x 12 Oil on Linen panel___Whistle Pik Miniatures Show
click image to see larger
I posted the study for this one a few months ago...and here, below. It was a nice study, painted in "dark air"! The study seemed almost abstract in composition, so I painted again with expanded space around the boat, to indicate a "place".
I like painting at night, and have some tricks I have learned from all my paintings at the farm. I teach these things in my workshops, where I always plan at least one outing at night (or before sunrise)...My workshops are REAL adventures in plein air painting, with studio time thrown in for good measure. There will be a three day workshop at the great Fredericksburg Artist's School next June. I will teach some night painting, and the workshop will focus on PAINTING FAST...and WHAT to do with all your studies! I promise LOTS of info...and fun! See my web site for details

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time Biding_8x10

"Time Biding"___8x10 oil on canvas panel___available
We brought this old upholstered chair with us from the belongs to Maria. She site in it and watches me this! I think she is depressed because we have not had our mornings walks, bad!
Tomorrow I will post my FAVORITE new painting, which I did for a show that starts next week. You will be the first to see it! Stay tuned!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Studio Kitty__7x5__click to see larger___$100

"Studio Kitty"___7x5__$100 if you are the first kitty lover to ask

I almost hate to post this, because I will hear from my cat lover pals who never knew I even HAD a cat...because I rarely paint them! OK, here's my story: All our cats are rescues, and MUCH loved! Two big twin boys, Duster and Velcro live in our garage and front yard....with a skunk that eats with them in the garage, now...But this one is my studio kitty, Little Kitty. She gets beaten up by the big boys (because she hisses at them, and hates everyone but me and my daughter), so she stays inside all the time....and poses....I was painting dogs when she struck this pose, distracting me for a moment when I found a little canvas nearby.

Tomorrow I will post the dog painting I MEANT to post today!...go see my updated show and workshop schedule when you can!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sunny Side of the Yard

" The Sunny Side of the Yard"___9x12 pencil on archival paper__$75
He was standing on the sunny side of the yard, but the sun was long gone! We were set to eat dinner so we put the dogs outside in the chilly yard. (Have you ever seen a Great Dane when he gets a whiff of grilled chicken? Literally BUCKETS of flowing EYE LEVEL! thank you!) After 20 minutes or so, I happened to see Romeo, over by the fence, and wondered why he stayed so far from the door. Instead of looking through the window, he stayed by the fence... he stayed put in the only spot in the yard where the sun stays all day. Thinking it was the warm part of the yard, he looked so cold and lonely (and stupid!) in the dark ...hahaha...I drew this from memory after letting him in to his warm bed.

Friday, November 14, 2008


"Ownership"___8x10 oil on canvas panel___available at Act I Gallery, Taos, NM
My Maria...posing again in HER Chair (see yesterday's post!) These are for a special show in January at Act I in Taos.
PLEASE check my updated show and workshop schedule at
It's football playoff yongest is suiting up with the varsity tonight....yikes!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Her Chair_8x10 Study

"Her Chair"____8x10 oil on linen panel____available Act 1 Gallery
Anita Ellison at Act 1 Gallery is having a unique show, starting January is a preview of one of my pieces in the show. It's a group show, and the theme is CHAIRS...Wait till you see what's on tap! This isn't my FAVORITE one...I'll show that later, but this is a hint....our dog, Maria, whom I also call Mama Mia....HEY! I have just set some dates in STONE this week. Please see my web site Calendar for 2009 dates for workshops and a few special events. I will add some more things as we go, so stay tuned. here is the link

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Nap Place_9 x 12

"A Nap Place"___9x12 pencil on archival paper__$75 for the first to need this one
Our Lab, Maria has a special chair by my computer. Wait till you see the chair in color. It goes well with a black lab! This is a new strategy in home furnishings...does it go with the dog? :) the way, that is the title for tomorrow's painting, which I am sending to Anita! Tune in....

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Head Scratcher_click to see larger

"A Head Scratcher"____9x12 pencil on archival paper___$75 if you want it!
This is the same size paper as my recent drawings, but the sketch is pretty small and was done quickly, so it's looser. Romeo struck this pose for about 30 seconds while watching football the other day. I roughed it in fast, then finished from memory....a fun exercise.
If you click on it, you'll see the real details.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Eye on Romeo__9x12_pencil on archival paper

"Eye on Romeo"___9x12 pencil on archival paper____$75 to the first to ask
Well, the big guy has enjoyed all the attention as I have sketched him a lot these days.
He usually gets in my face when he sees me looking at him. Self conscious? or, being a dog, maybe he is "me conscious"....but, this time he just kept one eye on me. I got some blyrry photos that I think I will paint from....later!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

In the Grass___9x12 pencil___V....Vaughan

"In the Grass" ____9x12 pencil on archival paper_____$75 if you are first to ask!
This "good dane" Romeo of ours! He really is a big pal, sitting here next to me in the grass. I marvel at how he needs to stretch out for balance, no matter how he is sitting or lying down. I got a new sketch pad and am enjoying the pencil work for a change!
I have a couple of very good things to announce next week! Please make sure to look in for the news :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cold Creek_6 x 5_Click to see large version

"Cold Creek"__6x5 oil on canvas panel___click to see large version___ $100 to the first to ask!
I think this was somewhere near Taos...maybe a little south. A dreary fall day when the color pops! This one has your money's worth in paint!!!Click to see every juicy brush stroke!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Complements of the Morning_6x8_V....Vaughan

"Complements of the Morning" the third farm demo__6x8 oil on linen__$150 if you ask first
Last Saturday I painted a series of quick sunrise paintings at my old farm. We had a nice group there to watch, and it was a beautiful sunrise! As the fog burned up, the sky displayed these "complementary" colors. That's "art speak" for colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. There are some juicy brush strokes on this one....
Here is a link to a preview of my BOOK. I just found this today, and it's so cool! When you click on the pictures, a page turns! You can see 15 pages of this neat little book that I published about my "Last Year on the Farm". Let me know if you want to get the book, or just order it from the link.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Liquid Sunrise_6 x 8 oil _ by V....Vaughan

"Liquid Sunrise - Demo 2 on Nov 1"_6x8 oil on linen panel__V....Vaughan__$100 to the first to ask
Ten minutes after the sun came up I dropped the first demo and picked up another canvas to make color notes on this spectacular sunrise...I doodled with it for a few minutes till I needed to drop it to start a third...the plan was to take it home and "craft" a more finished painting, but I think I will keep it like this...I call it "Liquid Sunrise" because there was no horizon! the fogy atmosphere blended with the sky and it was hard to tell land from sky.Since it's a pretty loose demo, (lots of juicy brushwork!) I have a pretty loose price for the first one to ask for it!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Demo Start_Barn in the Fog_12 x 16_V....Vaughan

Demo Start_Barn in the Fog_12 x 16_V....Vaughan
Yesterday was a gorgeous sunrise at our old farm, and I got to do a demo there for Plein Air Austin. There was a thick patch of fog early and the group took lots of pictures. They stuck it out with me for an hour or so, while I started this one and then when the color changed, I picked up a new canvas to start another one...and for the few who stayed later, I did a was an amazing sunrise full of our version of Fall Color...a glorious warm sunrise! I will post the finish of this one tomorrow! Then I will post the others later in the week.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


"Observer"---12 x 9 pencil on archival paper__$75 if you ask first!
Romeo , our "good dane" strikes another pose. I have to be careful when drawing him, because if he sees me looking at him, he thinks I need a hug from him and gets up to come over and "lean" on me. I have to be discreet and look away when he looks my way.
Today it has been exactly a year since I left the farm. So, it was a special treat to get to go paint the sunrise again on my favorite land. I was joined by a few members and friends of Plein Air Austin. The sunrise was MAGNIFICENT and awe inspiring...I will post the paintings next week.