Sunday, November 30, 2008

Parmer and the Cub_9x12

"Parmer and the Cub"___9x12 Pencil on Archival paper___$100 includes shipping for Christmas!
You might need to live near Austin, TX to really appreciate the title of this one.....Austin started growing really close to our farm - BIG ROADS and tollways were put in right next to our property. Parmer Lane was put adjacent to the farm, and in the front yard of our Aunt Nancy. One day she and Bobby found this little beagle mix wandering along Parmer Lane. They "saved" him, and named him after the road. He has ridden alongside them in the pick-up and tractors (or on a hay bale in the Cub Cadet!)ever since! They no longer work our old farm, but have moved to the next county and their other farm...bringing their OWN Parmer with them.
Please look at my workshop schedule for 2009. I have 1 day, 3 day and 4 day workshops, and LOTS of REALLY good instruction planned. We will "Paint Fast", learn "What to do with All those Studies", have Chicken Clinics, and MOST workshops will include moonlight paintings!
Come to one if you can!

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