Sunday, November 23, 2008


Chulo at Frisk___9 x 12 pencil on archival paper___$85 for the first to ask
Chulo, my daughter's chihuahua-mix is MY DOG, now...I tell my kids that if I have to feed and play with their pets twice in a row, they become MINE....Chuy is playful and persistant, and I did this sketch from life, watching him scoot around, playing with my son....Romeo, the Good Dane, can hold a tennis ball in his mouth and you don't know it's there. I say he puts it under his tongue...Chulo can retrieve it too, but has to snag his tooth between the ball-fuzz to bring it back....Speaking of art (sort of), I have been really working on BLACK. And these black dogs are my lesson plan! I painted a black Kairn Terrier today, and will post it tomorrow.

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