Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baseball Lights

"Baseball Lights"____22 x 26 Oil on Linen_____$3200 Framed
Hello to my friends in Marble Falls, with the Highland Art Guild and Gallery, who brought me there for a demo. HERE IT IS! Finally finished! Please let me know what you think.
I painted it from a study I did on June 12, Last Year on the Farm, as the field lights came on early after a quick storm. It will go with me to Charleston for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition on Feb 16-18.
I just added some more to the book after seeing the proof...It will still be delivered by mid February, so there is time to get in on the first order. The plein air version is part of the museum exhibit that is traveling right now, and it is one of the images in the BOOK...see below.
You may click below to go directly to Paypal and buy my book: Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change. See blog post of Jan. 9 for info.
Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last Full Moon _ 20 x 24

"Last Moon on the Farm"...oil on linen......24 x 30 available
A few months ago Ipainted this scene, one of my last at the farm. Using my plein air reference, I am working on this BIG one, (not quite through with it)...Unless someone wants it first, I will take it with me to Charleston and the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. Please see me there from Feb. 16 - 18, 2008.
The plein air version is part of the museum exhibit that is traveling right now, and it is one of the images in the BOOK...see below.

You may click here to go directly to Paypal and buy my book: Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change. See blog post of Jan. 9 for info.

Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change

Sunday, January 27, 2008


"Veiled"_______Oil on Linen Panel___________12 x 9
This was the first study I did in the Carolyn Anderson workshop I attended last week. I saved it to blog on Sunday, thinking that not many would see it. After a couple years of intense landscape work, I really struggled with this figurative piece, until I got to the veil. Once I started painting that, it FELT like a landscape, and I relaxed.
This isn't a great one, but reminds me of great lessons learned!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rags Jackson

"Rags"______10 x 8 oil on linen_____Jackson Collection
I left this at the home of my friends in Rockport. It's their beloved Rags, who wasn't there to play with me while I stayed down there this weekend! Guess Rags had better things to do, but I had some time to kill after teaching and so I painted this from a photo.
I am back home from travels until mid-February when I take the new paintings to Charleston for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. I will start posting my latest pieces for the wildlife show next week!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday's Coming

Detail from the "High Pointe Mural"____V....Vaughan, 2001
Well, I am at my friend Caro's house in Rockport, after teaching a session at Art Educator Days. If you are an art teacher, make plans to come to this next year! There are a lot of different workshops and lots of teachers to share ideas with. Tell your principal that you WANT to come next year!...I teach a "Chicken Clinic" and tomorrow I will teach a short session on plein air painting!
Well, I forgot my cord to connect camera to her computer, so I am posting this from my thumb drive.
It is a portion of a HUGE MURAL which I painted at my church a few years ago. This is the center part and a portion of what I painted to depict God (...not a small topic!). The hands here are 12 feet high and 15 feet across. I used my own hands as the "model", and beefed them up a little. My own hands are barely"mighty", but not ALLmighty!...I regard this as a VERY PUNY symbolic representation of our AWESOME Creator...I remember being in awe and feeling pretty small the whole time I painted this from the basket of a cherry picker lift.
If you are ever near Austin, please come see the mural. How about this Sunday? Church starts at 10:30 am, and if you let me know, I will meet you there and give you a personal "tour" of this and the rest of the mural. It measures 60 feet wide and 20 feet tall and is 35 feet tall at the top! It depicts "The Glory of His Grace".
Here is a link to the church, and a really pretty picture of our bluebonnets!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


"Toni"........10 x 8 oil on linen
Another painting from this week's workshop (I was a student for a change). Toni was a great and beautiful model, and this was a little "exploration" into some figure/face work.
Tomorrow I will be back in Rockport, teaching a "Chicken Clinic" to some teachers!
I will have the afternoon to paint, so stay tuned to see what I come up with in Rockport! Whew!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Model Cat

"Model Cat"....8 x 10
I am a student artist this week...learning from Carolyn Anderson at the Fredericksburg Artist's School. Today's model in the morning had this in her lap, so I put a few strokes down for my warm-up :)
My fastest painting today has turned out to be my favorite...I wonder why that is? Must have something to do with all those Farm paintings :)
Remember, the first edition of "Last Year on the Farm", the overview book, will be shipped in February. See the BLOG from January 9 for info and to order. E-mail me if you want the special price :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"James".....10 x 8...oil on linen panel
This week I am a student, painting with noted Impressionist, Carolyn Anderson. She is a great teacher and superb artist....I am redeeming an OPA award (Oil Painters of America) which I won last year, giving me the opportunity to learn from anyone I chose.
Since I have had this year-long Farm Landscape marathon, I decided to dive into the figure for a change. I did some research to find a teacher who was not only a GREAT artist but I wanted a GREAT teacher, and Anderson's name came up MANY times. She is HIGHLY regarded by the best pros I know, so I am really privileged to sit under her teaching.
Here is a study from day one....please don't hold it against my teacher! I'll do better tomorrow!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rockport Maritime Museum...I think!

"Rockport Maritime Museum....I think".....6 x 8 oil on linen panel....available

My last little study before leaving town...the light was nice and so were the painters in my class that day!

Someone correct my title, if you know! :)

I'll be back in Rockport, teaching teachers next weekend! See you there!

Please watch my schedule on my WEB SITE for other workshops and exhibits.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cove Flight

"Cove Flight"....6 x 8 oil on linen....$200
After a LOUD night of FIERCE thunderstorms, the morning dawned rather calm at Cove Harbor this morning. If you know the Rockport/Port Aransas, TX area, this is where "off the Hook" restaurant is. It was cold and windy, so I sat in the car to paint this one! Welcome to the group, S.R.!...We had a good day focusing on DRAWING: perspective, scale, proportion and all that. Concepts that were the HARDEST for me to grasp, have become some of my FAVORITE thing to teach!
Hey! Remember to order your own piece of "LAst Year on the Farm...the BOOK willbe shipped in mid February, and you can order it now. Read about it on the BLOG POSTS of Dec.29, January 4 and Jan 9. You may order there or here.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baseball Lights - Last Year on the Farm

"Last Year on the Farm, June 12, 2007, Baseball Lights"......6 x 8 study for a BIG ONE!
WELCOME TO MY BLOG! There are a few new Bloggers added today! Please browse the column to your right to look at past postings. You will see a great variety there!.
I met a BUNCH of nice folks and great artists at the Highland Lakes Art Guild in Marble Falls, Texas. What a nice welcome and what a FUN group you all are!
They had me in to do a demo, and I used the above painting from "Last Year on the Farm" as my reference. The above painting is 6 x 8, and the BIG version is 20 x 24. I will post the COMPLETED BIG painting soon, so stay tuned.
A reminder to all that the BOOK: Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change will be ready for shipping in early February. You can get one now by clicking the Paypal Buy Now button way below, or send me an e-mail and I will take your card number or give you my address for a check.
Be sure to bookmark this link to see all the "Last Year..." paintings on my web site.
Buy the Book, here...

Near Charlotte Plummer's

"Rockport Near Charlotte Plummers"....8x10 oil on linen panel....available

SATURDAY Jan. 19, I will be teaching a one day workshop in Rockport, Texas. I am kicking off the year-long workshop series with a crash course in 'Drawing to Paint'. There's space, I think,so contact me if you can come!

This little painting is a good example of how important drawing is to a painting. Even impressionists should have a good handle on the basics of perspective and scale and rendering. I will pass along a lot of little tips to help you draw better for your painting. We might repeat this class if there is any interest!

The Farm book will be here in early February....about the time I am in South Carolina for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. I will ship the books as soon as I can. Order yours today. See info and a paypal button to order at the bottom of this page on my web site: click here for the paypal info

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stream 3 of 3

"Stream 3"...9x12 oil on linen....$150 includes shipping
This is the third of 3 waterfall/stream paintings from my Studio Sale. I have been making room as I have now moved from my spacious farm studio to a smaller studio at our new place in Round Rock, TX. I'm offering this one at a great price and free shipping. If you like it, check out my previous 2 blog posts, because the art is similar and you might like it better! This one was painted at a golf course last year....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Studio SaleStream 2

"Stream 2".... 8x10, oil on linen...$150 includes shipping
Here are the last three paintings in my Studio Sale. There are three stream studies. Yesterday's is a 6 x 8, this one is 8x10 and tomorrow's will be 9x12. This one was done in Colorado.They are all very similar...probably because they were painted by the same artist!
I may do the sale again next year, but for now, I am back to daily painting and getting ready for some of my upcoming shows.
Saturday I will be going down to kick off a new season of workshops in Rockport, TX.
This Saturday workshop will be all about DRAWING: perspective, scale, proportion and more will be covered. Good drawing is the foundation to a good painting, so we will have a good lesson at the boat yard Saturday morning at Cove Harbor.
For more info, Please e-mail me
The Last Year on the Farm book is at the publisher now. I'll have my copy in a few days, and after approving it, I will send out the first orders right away. It looks like it will be the second week in February. There is still time to order yours. just let me know!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Studio Sale 1 of 3

"Stream 1"....6 x 8....$90 includes shipping
Hi Gang! I have only 3 more paintings in my studio sale (for now). Here is 1 of 3 "STREAM" paintings...all are VERY similar, except in size. This one is 6 x 8, tomorrow will be 8 x 10 and then 9 x 12. All are specially priced to help make room in my studio, now that we've moved from the farm.
Speaking of the farm, I THANK you for the many book orders! I am very excited about it, and eager to see the first proof, in a week or so. Look back on the BLOG to see more info, and click the Paypal button if you want one, or contact me by e-mail if you don't want to use Paypal. See the button below...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Seven Strokes Looking Back

"Seven Strokes Looking Back"....oil on linen....9 x 12 ....$150

See Yesterday's BLOG about the Last Year on the Farm Book. It is for sale, now for $29 plus shipping. the "buy now" button will take you to where you can pay. See all 365 paintings on my Web Site.

The painting above is an extensin of my STUDIO SALE. It is a Seven Stroke demo from a recent workshop day in Rockport. JOIN ME at the next Workshop day in Rockport, NEXT SATURDAY, Jan. 19. The moon will be great for later painting (optional) and the focus for the day is DRAWING. I Guarantee you will be a better drawer!

Look closely, and you will recognize the image above as being derived from my book cover! This is a fair-sized 9 x 12 panel that is specially priced! Please CONTACT ME for the painting, if you are interested...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


"Last Year on the Farm : A Story of Change..." THE BOOK IS HERE!

$29 plus 5 to ship. Total : $34

This exhibit of 365 small plein air paintings is touring the country on exhibit for 2008. Many of the paintings are up on my web site, and can be purchased NOW, for delivery by agreement in January 2009. But you can get the book NOW!

I put together a 50 page book, measuring 7" x 7", which is just FULL of some of my favorite images from my "Last Year on the Farm". There are two paintings for each month and a section showing two complete groups of "24 paintings in 24 hours" : "Fall Day...." and "Winter Day....". The book is paperback, and includes a few of my thoughts and a short story about the project.

If this little book goes over well, I will begin immediately to put together a COMPREHENSIVE book about the entire project, complete with field notes, ALL the paintings and even a few REAL photographs of the farm itself. It is a WONDERFUL story of the end of a way of life in America. It's a story that touches MOST Americans as we say goodbye to small time farming.

Use the Paypal Button below, or CONTACT ME via e-mail if you wish to pay with a credit card. Or mail a check or money order to:


2606 Starling Dr.

Round Rock, TX 78681

orders will ship in early February

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Izzy Jordan and Boston

Izzy, Jordan and Boston.
A Christmas Commission...SOLD
Just LOOK at these beautiful eyes! Don't you know I love my job!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Rockport Pedro

"Rockport Pedro".....8x10 oil on linen panel....available
Hello Friends!
I am back from Nebraska travels....Please read the previous BLOG entry about the opening of my "Farm Show" at the Great Plains Art Museum....I will have more info on that and my BOOK in the coming days.
About "Rockport Pedro"....I painted this sweet shrimpboat last time I was in Rockport teaching a workshop. After painting it, I realized it had my maiden name, Pedro. So, now I feel a special connection to it!
Next Rockport Workshop Day: Saturday, January 19. EMAIL ME if you think you'd like to come. We will focus on DRAWING to Paint, and add to that in February!

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Year Now

Last Year on the Farm, 01-04-2007....available for purchase, contact me
This is a long one...I apologize, but the heart speaks, tonite!
One Year ago I was in the midst of a daily painting adventure that I did not know would bring me where I am today! On this day in 2007, I painted the above painting under the clearing skies, watching a couple of Mexican eagles frolicking in our field....we left the farm forever a few short weeks ago.
Today I will introduce all 365 paintings of my "Last Year on the Farm" at a reception for the opening of an exhibit at the University of Nebraska's Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln, NE. If you can, PLEASE go see the exhibit in this wonderful venue in downtown Lincoln Nebraska. The sculpture out front is worth the visit! I am amazed and HONORED to have them present these paintings to the public. Frankly I am a little bit overwhelmed, as I type this from my 4th floor room at the Omaha LaQuinta. My flight arrived here at midnight....too late to brave strange highways down to Lincoln, so I am staying in Omaha and a bit sleepless, anticipating a new adventure with my Last Year on the Farm.
I was interviewed by the NPR affiliate and the interview aired yesterday, I think. I have heard from another museum which has purchased a number of these works for their permanent collection, and I am anticipating the pleasure of telling the story to a bunch of new friends tomorrow!...well, later today....
I cannot thank you, my friends, enough for your interest and conversation and real SUPPORT for this labor of love of mine. You kept me going with questions and commments and real EMPATHY: through my tears and sadness and lost beloved
Here is a VERY IMPORTANT THING you need to do ASAP.
1. IF YOU PUT DIBS ON ANY, I have contacted you by e-mail (in Late October to Mid November). If you have not yet contacted me back,and want to actually BUY, please CONTACT ME NOW. You will need to put a deposit on the art at the original price. My E-mail is click to reply
2. If you have sent the deposit or full payment, please look for a receipt very soon. LOOK at it carefully to make sure the image is the painting you wanted.
3. If you want to buy another one, let me know asap because the price is now higher. BUT! For you, the old price will apply until Jan 30, if the painting is still available.($450 framed for the 6 x 8 size)
4. FULL PAYMENT will not be due until Jan. 1 of Next Year...after that, I will be shipping these little babies all over the place....scattering farm seed, so to speak....more symbolism for me to let go of my favorite place on earth! :)
5. In all your correspondence with me about the farm art, please include your name , address phone number and any details you can think of.
6. See ALL THE ART on line at my web site. We still do not have all the "red dots" to indicate sold ones yet, so please inquire if you see one you like. Red dots are on the tags in Nebraska, though!
7. Last, but not least, Let me know asap if you'd like the first edition of the first book for $29. This is my intro price (because I do not have exact costs to me yet!) AND includes shipping...( I might be killing myself here, but want to do something special for friends :)
See Dec. 29 BLOG for details.
I'll be home on the 6th....with new stories, I am sure!
Again, I am sorry for all the links and tedious info....I just hope y'all know how much I appreciate you....

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Emma and Max

"Emma and Max"....special commission.....SOLD
I never met these two in person, but I have met some family members...of Emma, that is! A wonderful family in Tennessee which has given me the priviledge of painting portraits of their beloved friends and family! You'll get to see Boston, Izzy and Jordan tomorrow!
This was another Christmas commission just recently completed.
Tomorrow I leave the cold Rockies for the Great Plains Art Museum and the opening of my first ever museum show. If you are anywhere near Lincoln, NE, I would be MORE THAN honored to meet you and show you around my "farm", via 365 paintings from my "Last Year on the Farm".
If you can't come, maybe you'd like the book!
Please read the blog from Dec 29 and see below how to get my first book about this project still so near and dear to my heart. Then, let me know if you'd like a book or two!
Happy New Year!

REMINDER: See Dec 29 BLOG about my new book "Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change". You can order them RIGHT NOW, and they will be delivered at the end of January.I take checks , Paypal and Credit cards.Please look for the Paypal button on the BLOG SOON, but till then, you can e-mail me( if you want to do the credit card, or just drop a check in the mail.The price is $29 for now. It might go up a few dollars, but I will also throw in the shipping and tax for this intro time :)Here's my address:V....Vaughan2606 Starling Dr.Round Rock, TX sure to send me YOUR address!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


"Gracie"....8 x 6 oil, special commission....SOLD
Isn't Gracie precious!? What fun I had painting her for K.H. as a special commission.
This week our family is vacationing in the COLD mountains of Southern Colorado! We skied in below zero temps today. Crazy cold!
Next week I have another batch of "Studio Sale" paintings to make room in my smaller studio before I begin some new pieces for the upcoming wildlife shows....For the rest of this week, I'll show the recent Holiday commissions I just shipped off.
Here, again is the latest info on the release of my first book about our Last Year on the Farm...
REMINDER: See Dec 29 BLOG about my new book "Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change". You can order them RIGHT NOW, and they will be delivered at the end of January.I take checks , Paypal and Credit cards.Please look for the Paypal button on the BLOG SOON, but till then, you can e-mail me( if you want to do the credit card, or just drop a check in the mail.The price is $29 for now. It might go up a few dollars, but I will also throw in the shipping and tax for this intro time :)Here's my address:V....Vaughan2606 Starling Dr.Round Rock, TX sure to send me YOUR address!!!