Friday, March 30, 2007


"Whisper" 6x8 oil Collection of Robin Cheers as soon as she comes to get it
My friend Robin and her daughter Anna were my roommates during my Rockport Workshop a couple Saturdays ago. Robin is a FINE painter (click the link to see her Painter's Journal)...She is also a fine friend, agreeing to be our workshop models for the day. She and Anna just visited with each other and let us photograph them. Robin knows the challenges of painting live models, so she was kind enough to move in slow mothion for us!!!
This little sketch is just a start! I can't wait to drag them down for another modeling session. I will announce it here when that will happen...probably in mid May or June. Please make plans to join the workshop!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

LAst Year....April 1

“Last Year on the Farm” April 1, 2006
The best reason to sign up to receive my painting as an e-mail every day is this....sometimes there is a "bug" with the blogger photo today....I was not able to put this up till just now! Sign up at right, and you'll get an e-mail with just the picture every day...view it and toss!!!
I Painted this on April first last year…I post it today as an early HAPPY BIRTHfoolsDAY to my friend Jeff!!!.Look at the difference in the grass! On March 25 I posted the same scene painted this year…much greener! You can compare the two by scrolling down...
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Last Year on the Farm-April 1 2006

“Last Year on the Farm” April 1, 2006
I Painted this on April first last year…I post it today as an early HAPPY BIRTHfoolsDAY to my friend Jeff!!!.Look at the difference in the grass! On March 25 I posted the same scene painted this year…much greener! You can compare the two at…I also tell a little bit about this one above…

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seven Stroke Heron

"Seven Stroke Heron" .......8 x 6......oil......$100 to whoever asks first!!

Last time in Rockport we ended with a fun exercise! I like to ”Seven Strokes” with my art classes! … I led them in this composition…step by step we painted this heron with only 7 strokes....
If you spend Easter near Aransas or Rockport, I hope you will enjoy an Easter Sunrise Service on the beach! If you are there on Saturday April 7, please come paint with me at a "Saturday Sunrise" at my favorite location,"Cove Harbor". I will be teaching about capturing the sunrise FAST en plein air...we will paint early so that you can be home by early Saturday evening.
This session will start at 7 a.m. at Cove Harbor, in Rockport, TX , and it's guaranteed to be a SMALL GROUP!!!
Register with Rockport Center for the Arts

V….Vaughan’s upcoming workshops…

- Rockport, TX …Sat., April 7. See below

- Rockport, TX…One Saturday every month. May date is tentative for May 12th.

- Prescott, AZ….May 29 – 31

- Bisbee, AZ….June 4 – 8

- Kingsport, TN…June 22-23 or TBA - Sept. 24-27…Shreveport, LA

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last Year....TWINS

“Twins” ©V….Vaughan
From my archives…our cows are gone…we will be , too in a few months….

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last Year on the Farm - March 25

"Last Year....March 25".......6x8...........oil
I am not sure what ducks do this time of year, but whatever it is, they were doing it NOISILY this morning on the tank. I painted this at (cloudy) sunrise.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Last Year on the Farm____March 24

"Last Year....March 24"
I painted this from my usual perch above the pasture. WHat a beautiful morning it was....and I had a live concert all the while! A mockingbird sang the entire time I worked...
3 baseball games for me today! Gotta go!!! OH ! Happy birthday to my twin sisters, J & J!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Last Year on the Farm____March 23

"Last Year on the farm" March 23, oil 6 x 8
A heavy sky today...promises rain, later. Just before stepping on the deck to paint I was opening the door and a HUGE buzzard swooped across the deck, just feet from me! He and his buddies floated above all the while I painted...cirlcling, perhaps? I guess they see the end near!
Our time is short here...Next week I will paint 24 in 24 hours...sign up at right if you want to see all 24. You'll get the art every day in an logging on...look at it and delete!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


"Awaken" 20 x 24 oil $2500
from "Last Year on the Farm", a large painting worked up from a plein air study by V....Vaughan
I am preparing some large paintings for my next shows, using my "Last Year on the Farm" paintings. I have a whole bunch that I like and think they will look good BIG...This one is not HUGE, but it's nicely framed, it's from last winter and it's for sale.
Next week I will do the "Spring Day...24 paintings in 24 hours"...very soon we will close the sale of this place, and start making plans to move....until then I will finish painting my "Last Year on the Farm"...Thank you for walking with me thru this :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007



14 x 11

© V….Vaughan
I just LOVE this painting…I just HATE this photo! My nice digital camera broke…I can’t get a new one until I sell a few more paintings. This one will ship to South Carolina as soon as it dries…a commission for some nice folks out there….I hope they like “Sally”
“Spring Day Last Year on the Farm” is coming ASAP next week!
Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Last Year on the Farm....REALLY!

"Last Year on the Farm - March 20"___oil______6 x 8
A Year ago today, I painted this one as the cows lounged around near the "tank".Y'all know that the cows were taken away a few weeks ago, and the big news is that we will actually close the sale with the developers in about 3 weeks. We will be seriously looking for a new home then....Let me know if you know of a little farm some place that needs a home :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Bernese Mountain Dog is Lost

"A Bernese Mountain Dog"
I received this note last night...
I have a favor to ask of you-and I ask it because I know you love dogs. Our son and daugher in law are both attorneys in Houston. They purchased some acreage and a house near Brenham, TEXAS-close to Carmine. They own two beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs-they look like very "buff" tall St Bernards-about 100 pounds each. To make a long story short, Friday the dogs got lost at their property. They finally found one of them but "Horton" aka "Hootie" is still lost. They had a helicopter two days looking for the dog and have not found him. Is there any chance you can send out another email, asking that if someone finds Hootie that they call. The description would be black and white with some rust/brown markings and white at the tip of the long black tail. There is a very good reward. The numbers to call would be 713-822-0708 or 713-516-3593 or 817-253-1782 or 817-999-6543 or 713-524-4990. If no answer leave a message and number. I would so appreciate this. The dogs were the my only "grand" babies until our 1st grandson was born 17 months ago.
If you can not do this, I would understand but I had to try.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pelican in White

"Pelican in White" .............6 x 8............. $100 to the first one to ask!
Good Morning from Rockport, TX, where I am teaching a one day workshop today! My friend, Robin and her little daughter, Anna, have joined us with lots of beach toy props, and are going to model for us this morning! This "happened" at the last second, but next time I will announce it sooner! Like NOW!! Please let me know if you'd like to join us on a similar expedition next month!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Last Year on the Farm - Cows Afar

"Last Year on the Farm, March 18, 2006
This time last year I began this series, "Last Year on the Farm"...our farm has sold to developers and we only have a few months left here...the cows are gone, the fences are coming down and we will move along. But not before I complete 365 paintings of our LAST YEAR here. Next week (or the week after) I will paint 24 in 24 hours, a "Sproing Day Last Year on the Farm"...if you haven't seen the "Fall Day" 24 or the "Winter Day" 24 paintings, I will tell you to PLEASE make sure you see these spring ones!

Friday, March 16, 2007

LAst Year on the Farm - Cow Memory

"Last Year on the Farm - March 16, 2006"
A Cow Memory from this time last year. This morning actually looked like this almost EXACTLY, but the sun is a little stronger as I write...Some sandhills flew over again yesterday, making their "goose sounds" (to me)...I hope you friends in the North Country will have them arrive soon, with spring!
I mentioned that the interior fences have come down...I actually LIKE it! A "cleaner" view of distance without the fences! It makes me remember the days before the developers put in big telephone poles near our perimeter...I like the wide open views, better than the Texas Hill country, even!
OH! "SPRING DAY LAST YEAR on the Farm" will be scheduled soon! I might do it next week with the new moon or wait till it is full agian! I will let you know when I do the next installation of 24 paintings in 24 hours....for info e-mail me

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Last Year...Spring Breaks

"Last Year on the Farm - Spring Breaks"
This was March 13 2006....about the time I started painting our "Last Year on the Farm" seriously...It is fun to compare the seasons...these trees are only just turning green THIS week, but last year they were fully "leaved"...The greens are getting BRILLIANT after all the lightning storms we had this week!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Last Year....03-10-2005_________V....Vaughan

"Last Year on the Farm - March 10 2005
Look how GREEN it gets QUICKLY this time of year! I went back in my files to see what it looked like 2 years ago! Ah, the COWS!! If you remember, they were taken away on Jan 29th this year...Yesterday Nancy and Bobby, (Our aunt and uncle who do the real farming here) were beginning the work of taking down all the fences between the pastures and houses....I miss the cows.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

“Last Year on the Farm – March 13, 2007 ” © V….Vaughan

The sun literally peeked through while on the way up….for about 30 seconds. When it did, this fog ABSOLUTELY swamped me, even though I stand about 15 feet up on my studio deck. It was incredible!! Hey Pat H.!!! Do you remember the time we painted on the Conejos and the same thing happened? When the sunlight hits a little bit of fog, it becomes a LOT of fog!

I am teaching a one day Saturday Workshop in Rockport, TX this Sat. Let’s caravan on Friday if you are going from Austin! Drop me a line

Monday, March 12, 2007

Last Year 03-11-2006

"Last Year on the Farm 03-11-2006" oil 6 x 8

I began this series of our "Last Year on the Farm" last year at about this, from now on, I will be filling in the days I missed. Our time here is really winding down now. We have a date in mid-April, for the developers to close the deal with us. Then we will be seriously looking for another place. So, if any of you know of a nice little spot of land in the Central Texas area that needs to be painted....let me know! We will probably be here through the hot summer months, which is my very favorite time to paint the farm. If you are new to my blog and want to know the story of "Last Year on the Farm" just e-mail me!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pre-Game Toss

"Pre-Game S."
...Another ball game...a different son....I really enjoy the BEAUTY of baseball...especially when the young guys play. This son is a TALL 14 year old and his "length" makes for interesting sketches.... Running the bases ....well, he gets there in about two steps...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pre-Game Stretch

"Pregame T."
This is how I spend my spring....BASEBALL GAMES....I have 2 sons that play ball.....This one (in college) was warming up to pitch yesterday but this was all the action he got! Ah, the life of a releiver! He will be ready to go, today though....a double header starting at noon!
Please remember to look down to yesterdays post. A great painting will be auctioned for a greater cause...more later!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Luz de Espada_____to be auctioned in April

"Luz de Espada" ___16 x 20 Custom Framed___ Auction Date: April 28
My Google Group knows the details of the sale of this painting...I will post more info in April.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

LAst Year on the Farm-March 8 Sunrise

Last Year on the Farm - March 8 Sunrise 6 x 8 oil
A Brilliant show, this morning! We had a foggy "bottom" which reflects the light like water does. Did I tell you that the cows are gone? I would have enjoyed seeing their forms through the low fog. Nancy, you need more horses, out here!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Last Year 3-07-2007

"Last Year on the Farm 03-07-2007"
I will call this a color "sketch" mom sat under the tree with me while I painted it, and I had to hurry to take her home :)
While painting a WONDERFUL treat was presented to us...high above came the familiar call of sandhill cranes. They were fluing in formation and I checked to make sure they were flyin NORTH.....good cranes!!!
Now I KNOW that spring is here. To all my friends up North, please know that the Cranes are on the way....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Last Year 03-06 Pre-sunrise

As I post this the sun is breaking the horizon.....I tried to "beat it" this morning, but the cats are nagging me for food. I painted this about 30 minutes ago....Well, I FINISHED it, then I had to photograph and all that. A BEAUTIFUL sunrise just happened and I did NOT do it justice....

Monday, March 05, 2007

Same View

03-04-2007 Last Year on the Farm
Same view as yesterday and I will probably paint it again today! The days are bright and clear and a bit cool....but spring is DEFINITELY here. Next stop....BLUEBONNETS!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Emerging Green

"Emerging Green"______________6 x 8
As I sized and filed this in my computer, I noticed that the upcoming week is the "anniversary" of when I started painting the farm daily year ago I put together over a week of daily paintings of the farm and decided that I would paint our "Last Year on the Farm". Since then I have painted it over 200 times and started posting them on this blog in October. You can see many as you hunt back through the archives. I will fill in the mising days in the upcoming well as painting another series of 24 in 24 hours "Spring Day Last Year on the Farm " will be in late March/early April....
Soon I will be offering them for sale....many friends have already asked me to put their name on the back and to let htem know when it becomes available....I will be showing as many as I can in the upcoming "Last Months" on the farm, so stay tuned!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Twelve Strokes at ACE

"Twelve Strokes at ACE Basin" ___________5 x 10_____ $100
Before I start posting farm paintings again, I have this one more from ACE Basin Wildlife Refuge in South Carolina....I was painting all day with Joe Garcia and Adele Earnshaw and Adele had the great idea to limit our next painting to a certain number of strokes....Joe picked the spot, we decided on TWELVE strokes (don't lift the brush till you are through!)....Here is mine! It got a little damaged on my flight the next day, but has some "character" :)
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Cove Harbor in Feb.

"Cove Harbor in February"______sold...sort of
If you ever come to my workshop in Rockport, TX, I can pretty well promise you that we WILL paint here. This area is on the way to Aransas Pass....on the left as you leave Rockport. There are ALWAYS pelicans here, fishermen, barges tugging by, and beautiful skies! The next Plein Air Workshop day is in March! I THINK March 17, but maybe the 31....please contact me if you are interested!....I hope you like this one, Caro and Don!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Caro's in February

"Caro's in February" 6 x 8 available
The same view I have painted several times before....From Caros back yard looking over Copano Bay. The water that morning was GREEN in the distance! I said that yesterday's was my favorite Rockport painting from the weekend...this one might be, really :)
MAry and Stewart took me Oyster Fishing out in this bay....I finished shucking the 10 gallons of oysters last, what an experience....we even floated past a trio of whooping cranes! I got some great pictures...
I will be posting farm paintings again in a couple days....the seasons are changing FAST and it's very noticeable...